‘Build Zimbabwe’ targets 1m houses

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‘Build Zimbabwe’ targets 1m houses Cde Kasukuwere

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Minister Kasukuwere

Minister Kasukuwere

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Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has officially launched “Build Zimbabwe”, a housing scheme to provide at least one million housing units and residential stands in the next few years.

The housing scheme, being spear-headed by the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association (ZAHA), will encourage members to start a culture of saving towards housing by opening fixed bank accounts for the purpose.

ZAHA is partnering with CBZ Bank, which will provide the fixed bank accounts, while land is being identified and developed.

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The housing scheme will protect beneficiaries in that they will only be asked to withdraw their funds upon delivery of a serviced residential stand or a completed housing unit.

In a speech read on his behalf by Director of National Housing and Social Amenities in his ministry Mr Lexton Kuwanda at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex on Friday, Minister Kasukuwere commented ZAHA for complementing Government.

He said the ZAHA programme was good in many ways.

“Additionally, it is indeed our considered view that the programme will encourage a culture of saving in our populace,” said Minister Kasukuwere. “Beneficiaries will save money in fixed accounts whilst the servicing of stands and construction of houses is being undertaken.

“As the major stakeholder in human settlement development, Government ought to introduce genuine schemes as a way of protecting desperate home seekers from the unscrupulous activities of bogus housing co-operatives and land developers.”

Minister Kasukuwere said ZAHA had shown a leading role among Government stakeholders in the provision of housing units and residential stands.

“May I urge other stakeholders here present to take a leaf from ZAHA and roll out as many housing projects is as practicably possible,” he said.

“We are, therefore, gathered here today to witness the beginning of a monumental and thorough-going process inasfar as human settlement development is concerned. The ZAHA Build Zimbabwe scheme will also target rural areas and farms contiguous to urban settlement as not only the urban populace require shelter.”

Speaking at the same occasion, ZAHA director-general Dr Killer Zivhu said their housing scheme was meant to help Government meet its Zim-Asset targets in the provision of housing units and residential stands.

“Our programme is very simple and meant to protect you the beneficiaries,” he said. “We will not handle your cash as we have made arrangements with CBZ Bank that those interested open their fixed accounts.

“We will have our partners who will help us develop the residential stands once we get the land. We will only ask you to withdraw your money after we have the serviced stands. You can start opening the fixed bank accounts now. People at CBZ Bank will tell you what to do if you approach them.”

Dr Zivhu said it was time people considered building houses not only in towns, but also in the rural areas and on farms.

The event was attended by thousands of people from various walks of life who were entertained by several musicians including gospel music stars Sabastian Magacha and Mathias Mhere.

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