Gorowa unhappy with Chiza

Ian Gorowa

Ian Gorowa

Lawrence Moyo in BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa
WARRIORS coach Ian Gorowa has no time for prophets in football and is disappointed that the leader of the Faith in God Eagle Life Assembly in Bulawayo is partly blaming him for the penalty shoot-out exit in Wednesday’s semi-final against Libya. The Warriors lost 4-5 in sudden death despite goalkeeper George Chigova making successive saves to keep Zimbabwe in the game.

Prophet Blessing Chiza had predicted a 3-0 win for the Warriors on the eve of the match but was forced to admit he “didn’t see well”.
Putting his head on the bloc, Chiza even told football followers that midfielder Peter “Rio” Moyo would score twice in the 3-0 win.

When time for reality came, the Highlanders midfielder blazed his penalty over the bar during the shootout.
Gorowa said he was aware of the story.

“I heard that story but people always talk. This has nothing to do with football I think, listen, there are things that have to be with football and those that have nothing to do with football,” said Gorowa.

“I don’t believe in that, if we take our chances we take our chances. Penalties, we didn’t take them well. So it’s something I choose to ignore.”

The former Black Rhinos, Dynamos and Ajax Cape Town striker said he wasn’t worried that Chiza was communicating with six Warriors players.

“I was communicating with some players who appreciated my prayers and support. I’m still convinced the Warriors were supposed to win that match,” Chiza told The Chronicle.

Gorowa says it is something he had no problems with and will not attempt to stop.
“These players are mostly from Highlanders so he has been in touch with them. I think he was the one who prays for them, you cannot stop that,” said Gorowa.

“So, they continue doing that, which is good for them.
“If he was doing it for the best of the country, if he was helping the players, then that’s good, I don’t see any problem with that.”
However, Chiza appeared to blame Gorowa for the Warriors’ exit.

“I told the coach that we had to walk together for them to win the match but he was not forthcoming.
“It was of paramount importance for me to talk to him and give him a few instructions, such as making sure that no player enters the stadium with juju,” Chiza told The Chronicle.

Gorowa took exception to that:
“Then he must be the coach . . . if he said that it’s rather unfortunate, it’s very unfortunate.”
Looking back to Wednesday’s game, Gorowa said they were victims of their own shortcomings in the final third of the pitch as they dominated enough to win the game in regulation time.
The Warriors coaches actually knew what to expect from Libya.

“We had to win, we knew they were going to defend, we had planned to play in a certain way and I think the boys tried but obviously different circumstances, different conditions of the pitch as well but you can’t always make those excuses and I thought in the final third that’s where we lacked again, a bit.
“So, if you don’t score, you don’t win matches.”

Having played all their previous matches at Athlone Stadium in Cape Town, the Free State Stadium was new to the Warriors and the showers during the game also unsettled the players somewhat.

Gorowa introduced Donald Ngoma and Simba Sithole in the second half in place of How Mine’s Simba Sithole and Masimba Mambare.
“It was for us to have more players upfront, more strikers upfront so that we can create more chances with more bodies upfront but it was never to be.”

Explaining why he didn’t make the third substitution, Gorowa said:
“At that there was nothing more, if I look at the bench, who could have done? We could have thrown anybody but to me it didn’t make a difference.

“I think at that moment we were still okay, we tried to push and that was it.”
There had been speculation that the coaches were reserving the third slot to reserve goalkeeper, Tafadzwa Dube, who is renowned for saving spot kicks.

Following misses by three left-footed takers, there were concerns that the coaches had relied too much on players who are not good with penalties.

Gorowa said they had practiced penalties at training and let the players decide on the line-up of takers on Wednesday.
“They chose the takers themselves because we have been practicing and they chose themselves,” said Gorowa.

He is not treating the third-place play off against Nigeria as dead rubber and will go all out for victory against a Nigeria side still coming to terms with not reaching the final.

As such, Gorowa will not throw in all the players who have not had game time for the sake of giving everyone a run at the tournament.
There are seven players who have NOT been in the starting line up for the Warriors at the CHAN finals and four of them are yet to kick the ball.

Goalkeepers Tafadzwa Dube and Munyaradzi Diya, Augustine Mbara and Themba Ndlovu have NOT featured in the tournament — even for a second!

Oscar Machapa and Felix Chindungwe were late substitutes once each while Nelson Maziwisa featured as a sub on three occasions.
“We have to balance the two. I have just spoken to the players and we have to balance between us giving those who have not been playing and winning the game.

“So that means we have to put our best players. We will try as much as we can to give the other guys a chance but also you don’t sacrifice that for winning.

“We want to win, finish this tournament in style. Playing Nigeria is never easy I’m sure they also want to win.
“So you cannot sacrifice winning because you want to give everyone a run. If you have to put the same team again you have to because you have to win. But we will see, I said to some of them I will give them a run,” said Gorowa. The Warriors returned to Cape Town last night.

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  • Dorcas Choto

    false prophets, phew

  • WarriorsFan

    Gorowa made a mistake by allowing players chose among themselves who was to take penalties. he as the coach should have done that himself. The reason is obviously the more dominant players (talkative players) would select themselves to be among the penalty takers despite them not been necessarily the better penalty takers. it more like politician who are good at talking about thing they can do but when it come to the real thing never deliver. I believe it is the coaches job to select the players based on their performance during training as well as the individual talk with each player.

    • FootballPhilospher

      In Agreement with Warriors fan. I saw that the most vocal of the players took the kicks and missed. Too sad penalty taking nerves is not always in sync with the more dominating players in a group. I trust that Dibango has learnt it the hard way that there is a fine line between being liberal and taking responsibility as a Coach in choosing and preparing individual players for the shootout.

      • shumba we kwa Bere

        The issue is not about the false prediction, it is about the evil spirit that actuates this unfortunate brother and leads him and many others into the worst deception ever to think that God can take sides in a soccer match or any competitive sport. Competitive sport- all of it – from athletics, boxing, horse or car athletics the olympics name it has nothing to do with God. which side does god take when Dynamos and Highlanders are playing and both sides pray to the same God supposedly.

    • Mafira kurewa

      Its goes either way, players are usually asked to volunteer. in some cases the captain can choose or the coach. Personally i feel players need to volunteer not to be chosen unless in the event that no one comes up front.

  • Zebelebe

    Tough luck Dibango, good job and better luck next time. You have a good foundation for the AFCON preparations. We are with you all the way. Forget about the Men of Gold who are turning the Book of Numbers [Old Testament] into betting slips. Highlanders and Liverpool take care of the prophesies from the gutter.

  • Blessme Chikopo

    that is football. past is past. as a country we should now focus on our shortcomings. from the looks of things Zimbabwe does not have a striker who is capable. and to this prophet chiza please leave football alone and focus on the spiritual aspects of the people. this prophet cannot be trusted at all by his people and even us as a nation by predicting a score line which was never to come up. worst still the information was relied to the players. who really provided you with this prophesy by the way.

  • bee rusape

    please dont blame left takers because right footed players Sithole and Moyo also missed the spot kicks. we just underated the lybians and there was no change of tactic after it became clear the lybians were on a defensive mission

  • VaMayaya

    mwari haadhakwe………..

  • Mats

    Chiza kudii kwacho, ita zvebhora leave those big mouthed prophets alone. You can only win by playing well not by wat u are told by prophets. Don’t try to shift blame…

  • Mbada Murenje

    Prophets at times…kii-ki-kkkk-kkk-k—k. Trying their luck with football is just something else, trying to make a name out of other people’s sweat. This is sport and has nothing to do with day-dreaming. Players should also shun these unpredictable fanatics because sometimes, from my experience, you will be disadvantaging your team-mates who are not into that and you will find yourself fighting a lone battle.

    I would like to thank Gorowa for the job well done. I have been into football for quiet some good time and I could tell even during the play time; (1)the guys have everything that is required for a win but our strikers are never hungry for the goal.

    (2)Our game is very good in defense with a smooth flow of none-erratic touches (3)we have a tendency of playing high balls upfront and these coasted us a lot. (4)The game is alright that way with a few corrections such as may be noted by other loyal Zimbabweans, we will soon be one of the best teams.

  • Semhalo

    Kikikikikikiki. kikikikikiki. This “prophet” should take a leaf from the other seasoned con stars masquerading as prophets not to put yourself in the lime light in such much publicised events because you will be exposed for what you really are thereby putting your “career” on the line.

    A few weeks ago there were calls to some of his friends to help locate the whereabouts of a missing tourist in the Nyangani mountains, did you even hear them utter a single word on that? All we hear is “so and so has been healed/raised from the dead”. We do not even know these people are and it can never be proven. Stick to that Chiza! If you need notes, go to your friends, especially those two.

    As for Gorowa, you should not have wasted your time commenting on Chiza’s utterances. A wise coach would just say “I have nothing to say on that as it has nothing to do with my job as a football coach.”

  • Viva Gorowa

    Viva Gorowa, you have done the best for the country in a short space of time!

  • Cheguma

    Gorowa kept Rio in the game for 120 munites hoping that he was going to score two goals. Rio has never played for 90 minutes, besides he should have substituted him in the first half. He played well in the games he started but in this game he was totally out. Next time don’t listen to prophets they may be false ones.

  • MuAfrican

    handina kumbobvira ndanzwisisa kuti sei mapororfita achida kuporofita bhora, just the thought of it makes everything seem fake.


    Chiza, like so many of the leaders of “cults” sprouting up like mushrooms today, is a FAKE PROPHET!! Such predictions are publicity stunts meant to increase the human traffic flow into his church which then means more money for the “prophet” [PROFIT?!] from tithes & offerings!!
    Biblically, what real value does prediction of soccer scores add to man’s salvation??!! On the contrary, such crazy stunts seem to imply that God can be partial or favour one team against another!! Now what kind of a God is that when His essence should be that of love??!! Furthermore, it’s known that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, so how does His will or purpose get beaten/frustrated when the fake prophets miss their predictions like this??!! In Old Testament times, because a prophet would say “Thus saith the Lord…” i.e. tying the whole integrity & sovereignty of God to the prophet’s pronouncements, the ONE & ONLY acceptable pass-mark was 100%; anything less [even 99.9% was NOT good/close enough!!] would result in death by stoning!!
    Why don’t these charlatans learn??!!…those with sharp memories will recall that TB Joshua also used to predict football scores [e.g. claiming credit for correctly predicting Zambia winning the AFCON final against Ivory Coast] but then he got it wrong when he predicted that in the 2012 UEFA Champions League the half-time score that he had been “shown by God” was 1-0 in favour of Bayern Munich, but as everybody who watched that match knows, the half-time score was actually 0-0; and in fact, Chelsea [through Drogba] went on to win the match 2-1!! Saka toti Mwari vakonewa nepamusana pevanhu vanonyepera vanhu kuti vatumwa vaMwari??!!…Aiwa kwete!! Veduwe-e hatitsvagei Mwari achawanikwa, kwete zvekunyengedzwa izvi!!