Glamour at Sharuko wedding

TILL DEATH DO US PART . . . Florence and Robson Sharuko exchange their vows before Father Karombo (third from left), while George Manyaya, also from the Catholic church follows the proceedings

TILL DEATH DO US PART . . . Florence and Robson Sharuko exchange their vows before Father Karombo (third from left), while George Manyaya, also from the Catholic church follows the proceedings

Sports Reporter
A GLITZY reception was on show on Saturday as Herald Senior Sports Editor Robson Sharuko tied the knot with his wife Florence Dakwa at a ceremony that began in Chitungwiza and ended in Belgravia.

Sharuko and his wife of 22 years were finally joined in Holy matrimony at St Theresa Roman Catholic Parish by Seke Urban Father Maxmillian Karombo before they celebrated the union in stylish fashion at a posh restaurant in Belgravia.

The veteran sports journalist, who rarely shows his inner feelings, was elegantly dressed in a white suit and was clearly in seventh heaven from the moment the day’s proceedings began.

Sharuko and Florence took their vows under the witty Father Karombo who punctuated the proceedings with lively jokes that left many in stitches as he told the Herald Senior Sports Editor, who also features on the popular ZTV magazine that “You always host the Game Plan on television but today it was a planned game before the Lord”.

After the church service, a long convoy made its way from Chitungwiza to Belgravia for the reception. At that venue, many people from the sporting fraternity and mainly the football family converged to join the Sharukos at the reception.

An authoritative voice of sport in the country, Sharuko’s wedding came just a month after he celebrated 25 years on the Herald Sports Desk. The glittering event attracted various personalities who included PHD Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya, who took time off his busy schedule to grace the wedding and bless the couple.

Magaya said it has been long since he has attended a wedding but had come to celebrate with the couple whom he commended “for doing a good thing before the Lord’’. The prophet presented the couple with a present of $2 000 while ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa pledged a housing stand in Borrowdale for the couple.

Chiyangwa said it was high time that Sharuko, who made the dormitory town of Chitungwiza his home since arriving in the capital 25 years ago from Chakari relocated to the leafy suburbs. CAPS United president Farai Jere and his wife Ashley also graced the occasion. Jere who is the Green Machine boss told guests that he considered the Senior Sports Editor a brother given that they both trace their roots in Zambia.

Jere said he was excited that Sharuko had taken his commitment to his wife to another level. Zimpapers, who were represented at the wedding by Managing Editor Victoria Ruzvidzo bought the couple a deep freezer.

Ruzvidzo said Sharuko, who also serves as an assistant editor “is an asset to the company’’ and had pleasantly shocked her by wedding.

Sharuko’s long-time friend, who was the best man together with his wife, Eddie “Mboma” Nyatanga, gave the couple a holiday voucher to Victoria Falls during the festive season while football agent Kudzi Shaba also presented them with a package to the Sun City resort and R15 000 spending money.

Former Daily News Editor Stanley Gama and Harare business executive Spencer Manguwa who gave presents of $1 000 each, H-Metro Editor Lawrence Moyo, Herald Sports Editor Collin Matiza, Gibson Mahachi who manages the affairs of a host of players and coaches were also in attendance.

Soccer legends Kennedy Nagoli and Eddie Muchongwe, ZIFA Northern Region pair of Willard Manyengavana and Sweeney Mushonga, CAPS United chief executive Cuthbert Chitima, and socialites Dallas Sekawawana and Wanisa “Mawindo” Mtandwa were also in the house.

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  • Munya Murombe

    Me thinks the ZIFA Boss is “offside” as always by stating that it is high time that the veteran journalist should relocate to Borrowdale. It is demeaning on Musha `Mukuru we Chitungwiza, he should just make his donation and keep quiet. I however hope the Chakari Boy will have another reception at his beloved Chakari!

    • Makoni Nepakati

      Iwe hauziwe kuti wanaFidza ndewekuda kuwonererwa. This 63-year-old ex-BSAP reservist can be childish or plain stupid sometimes.

      • True Makepekepe

        That stand will never come…..! kkkkkkkk. Josphat Somanje was once given a stand for some “Musician of The Year Award” that uncle Philo was involved……a quick check will Josphat will tell you that the stand is still to be delivered! Phidza does not like to see cameras and vanhu hobho otherwise manyawi anomubata!

  • Munya Murombe

    Me also ‘thinks’ after this wedding we are unlikely to read, articles critical to the football personalities who attended the wedding namely, the The self styled God of Zimbabwe Football, his campaign manager who is the President of one of the Harare giants and that giant’s CEO not forgetting The Man of God himself.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      So true. This guy has been tainted from long time anyways. Remember? He’s as corrupt as hell.

    • m mat

      its god of football and not God of football because the later does not exist.

  • Cde Hondo


  • Maya Cool

    Congrats Cde wishing u the best

  • Yowe zvangu

    zvenyu matenderwa kuita chakanaka kudai naMwari veduwe

  • lot chitakasha

    Well done to Sharuko..better late than never , they say..but a bit uncomfortable like Munya below…will you report without fear and favour when the need arises after being given a stand in Borrowdale by a man at the helm of Zifa..hapazoiti conflict of interest…will you not become a PR manager for the man and the Prophet …kuonawo kwangu.

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Robson ‘Chakari Boy’ Sharuko, here’s to say Makorokoto on your wedding. I would certainly have loved to attend. I don’t personally know you, neither do you know me, however, I am well acquainted with your consummate journalism. I am generally very critical of most journalists on the payroll of state owned media, particularly your E-I-C, but your quality and level of journalism is impeccable and inimitable. Keep it up, continue in your sporting lane and stay clear of crocodile infested waters and remember you are worth more than a few pieces of silver!