Fistfight averted in Parliament

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter

Zanu-PF National Assembly representative for Buhera South Cde Joseph Chinotimba and MDC-T’s Prince Dubeko Sibanda came close to exchanging blows yesterday after they disagreed during a meeting of a portfolio committee. Quick intervention by the police saved the situation. In the end, Cde Chinotimba branded Mr Sibanda, who represents Binga North and is on US$400 bail on rape allegations, a rapist.

The skirmish occurred while Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo was giving oral evidence to the portfolio committee on the ministry chaired by Mutasa South representative Cde Irene Zindi.

Proceedings were interrupted as the two MPs exchanged harsh words as they angled for each other before police at Parliament Building were called in to restrain the two and take them out.

Tempers flared after Cde Chinotimba raised a point of order that Mr Sibanda was being given written questions by journalists attending the meeting to ask Minister Chombo.

“Madam Chair, the honourable member is getting written questions from journalists yet this is our meeting,” he said.
“It is not fair that members get questions from journalists.”

Mr Sibanda stated that how he asked questions was not Cde Chinotimba’s business.
“Madam Chair, I have been writing notes down since the meeting started and Hon Chinotimba should be concerned about his questions and not mine,” he said.

Kadoma Central representative Cde Fani Phiri then joined in the argument, trying to grab the note Mr Sibanda was holding to prove that he had been given a written question.

In the ensuing exchanges, Cde Chinotimba then shouted: “Ndosaka wakarepa (That’s why you raped).”
This angered Mr Sibanda who repeatedly shouted: “Pfutseki Chinotimba, ndati pfutseki Chinotimba.”

Ignoring entreaties by Cde Zindi for peace, a livid Mr Sibanda continued his insults against Cde Chinotimba.
Cde Zindi eventually ejected the two parliamentarians from the meeting with the aid of the police who escorted them out of the meeting. Mr Sibanda is facing allegations of drugging and raping a 17-year-old girl in November last year in Victoria Falls after he had given her a lift.

He allegedly gave the girl’s father, an MDC-T activist and close friend of the legislator, US$4 000 in an attempt to cover up.
Cde Zindi apologised for the MPs’ conduct at the end of the meeting.

The latest incident comes after a similar case involving Zanu-PF legislators, Masango Matambanadzo (Kwekwe Central) and Gokwe-Kana legislator Owen Ncube who fought two weeks ago at Amaveni Shopping Centre in Kwekwe.

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  • Beastie!

    Prince ”Gingiri” Dubeko Sibanda must have been suspended from parly following rape accusations. Rape is a serious accusation which must not be taken lightly and parliamentarians who are accused of perpetrating this heinous crime must not be allowed to enter that hallowed House until they have cleared their names. His continued attendance and participation in deliberations in parly is not in the national interest or that of his constituency. Obviously, it also affects the girl who made the accusations that she is in danger from this man for daring to accuse him when he is so powerful as to participate in making laws of the country, and this is despite the serious nature of the accusation he has to defend. The girl may well refuse to testify in court because of this.

  • DeKepekepe

    Comrade Chinoz was right to a lesser extent that gut Sibanda is a rapist and that is very true.He should know that Chinoz is a true hero who is in the parliament because he died for this country. MDC is a party of rapist and hooligans. Look at their leader Tsvangison how many times have he abused women. His councellors are also ngochanas how can we work with people like that.

    • musorobhangu

      nhaiwe Kepekepe…wambokwira vakadzi vangani muhupenyu hwako fair and square?..dont distort nyaya irimudariro. Rule of law is unique..wait for the state to prove its case.

  • Dhunanga

    And the fact that cde. Chinotimba quickly picked at it shows the
    grievousness of the crime and I go by the same sentiments that such
    members should not be allowed to attend to the parliament. Parliamentarians are parents who feel that what was done by Sibanda is wrong, and it pains
    to share the same forum with a person who is of that nature, in the
    other sense all parliamentarians are rapists in the eyes of an ordinary
    person because they dine with a rapist. How can legislators wait for peasant farmers to tell them that they should suspend such members until they clear themselves.

  • Chanhuwa chii?

    Parliamentarians are dining with the devil….