Dube in bid to gag media

cathydubeFarirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Premier Service Medical Aid Society former chief executive officer Dr Cuthbert Dube has given The Herald a one-day ultimatum to stop publishing exposes on his alleged abuse of public funds at the medical aid society, failing which he will approach the courts for an interdict.

The move, a clear attempt to gag the media from publishing allegations of abuse of funds at the medical aid society that was losing millions of dollars as salaries and allowances to its executive managers at a time it was failing to pay off its debts, comes at a time the nation is calling for greater accountability in all sectors of the economy.

Dr Dube was earning outrageous salaries and allowances which amounted to US$6,4 million per year.
In a statement yesterday, Dr Dube’s lawyers, Venturas and Samkange, threatened to take legal action over the publication of the articles.

“Our client’s unequivocal instructions are that unless you desist from continuously publishing falsehoods, he will be left with no option but to approach the High Court for an urgent interdict,” said the lawyers.

“Should we not hear from you by the end of day today undertaking to stop publishing these falsehoods, an urgent chamber application will be instituted without any further warning and you shall be liable for the costs on attorney and client scale.”
Dr Dube’s lawyers alleged that reports of abuse of funds at PSMAS were misleading.

“Your reports deliberately and consistently misled the public that our client has been receiving and earning huge sums of money from PSMAS,” they said. “Our client is assessing the amount of damages he has suffered as a result of these defamatory statements.

“Our client has instructed us to act on numerous newspaper articles carried and published in your newspaper. These articles are defamatory, slanderous and false. They have been written recklessly without paying attention to the truth and accuracy of information available to you.

“In one article you refer to Dr Dube’s status as former chief executive officer when in truth and in fact, he has not been dismissed or suspended from employment. In the result, to refer to our client as a former chief executive is misleading, blatantly untrue and defamatory.”

But a statement by the PSMAS board secretary Mr Cosmos Mukwesha on January 27 following the unearthing of Dr Dube’s earnings said he had been removed from his position.

Said Mr Mukwesha then: “At its sitting of the 27th day of January 2014, the Premier Service Medical Aid Society board of directors resolved to relieve the current board chairperson, Mrs M. M. Namasasu, of her duties as chairperson, forthwith.

“In line with the society’s constitution, the board appointed the vice chairperson Mr N. Mhlanga as acting chairperson until the appointment of a substantive chairperson.

“Further, the board resolved that in view of the fact that the group chief executive, Dr C. E. Dube has reached retirement age, he be retired. Details on the retirement are being worked out.”

In another statement on the appointment of Mr Luxon Zembe as the new board chairperson, the organisation confirmed that Dr Dube was leaving the organisation with Dr Farai Muchena being the acting CEO until the appointment of a substantive head.

“The board fully recognises and appreciates the contributions made by Dr Dube to the society during his 29 years of service with the organisation. Having attained his retirement age on 31 December 2013, Dr Dube is now on normal pre-retirement leave in accordance with the society’s retirement policy and rules.

“His retirement benefits will be worked out as per Society’s pension rules by the Pension Administrator. In the meantime Dr Farai Fredrick Muchena is holding fort in an acting capacity pending the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer of PSMAS.”

An official at PSMAS told The Herald yesterday that Dr Dube has since stopped reporting for duty with Dr Muchena being the acting CEO.
Asked to shed light on the matter yesterday, Mr Zembe confirmed that there was an acting CEO in place of Dr Dube, but refused to shed light on Dr Dube’s employment status.

Mr Zembe said he would only comment after seeing the correspondence from Dr Dube’s lawyers to The Herald.

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    Laughable… this guy must rot in prison.

    • Ziziharinanyanga

      Only when peope like Dube start to face the wreth of the law and forced to pay back what they stole from the public can this Government be taken seriously. How on earth can we have leaders so bent to destroy the nation continue to be allowed to walk on our streetd.

      • dusty

        its in the contract, no wonder he is not fired but retired….

      • Isac Hunt

        What is this word wreth?

        • Cde Nharo


  • Multiple Eargasms

    You can see the arrogance and this is as a result of the Vice-President’s speech.I think Jonathan has done a good job in Naming and Shaming these officials and this should be the new strategy from now on.An Eternal Roll Call should now be created to those who abuse public funds as the taxpayer is now suffering as a consequence.Those found guilty should never be allowed to hold public office again.

    • Ziziharinanyanga

      Cashbert Dube’s case is total genocide as many civil servants died due to failure to access medical care as a result of financial problems he stole and he should be charged with genocide.

      • dusty

        interesting point, if such cases exist can he be sued in his personal capacity? And PSMAS too?

      • Keith

        where are our military man they should voice their concern are all the soljas happy with the development cant they see they are also being fleeced

        • Jotham

          Where does the army come in . You are just confused. When your house is on fire it does not mean I should lose sleep.

    • Mamvemve

      People are not reading between the lines. Dube and others who looted public coffers know that they did so after bribing senior chefs with cars, houses and other goodies and their payments were approved in black and white. They know that it would be foolhardy for anyone to come after them if they are also complicit in the looting. So Dube is merely flexing his muscles after receiving amunition from non other than VP Mujuru who also lambasted the media for its stories.
      ZanuPF is playing games with us; Prof Moyo is sent to say one thing while VP Mujuru says another to buy time while they try to find something to divert attention. Maybe they will tell us Tony Blair and George Bush connived with Morgan to steal the millions so that they can effect regime change.

  • Tuksedo

    It appears there is an all out assault from different directions to silence the media. From the VP Amai Mujuru castigating the people’s voice and conscience to turn a blind eye, Cashbert threatening legal action based on thin air, to reports of U.S. $90k bribery attempts on editorial staff. Obviously these guys know they’re not as untouchable as the people think they are.
    Keep up the good work. We’ll continue supporting your efforts all the way to the promised land.

    • Jotham

      You misunderstood the VP. The sudden high baloo and the rampant misuse of funds in state companies is the act of making sure the economy does not improve. Whilst the media is in a frenzy making themselves the advocates exposures they are working in cahoots with those destroying the economy. The misuse of funds is such that the entities are rendered in effective in terms of their operations. What the VP is say is that -: the corrupt elements are acting in tandem with the press to make sure the image of the country is tarnished.

      • Robalitheka

        You Stupid Idiot! Its those that plunder state resources uncontrolled like Dube that are tarnishing the image of the country

      • mhofela

        Jotham hapana chitsva apa…These issues have always been known and as for the country`s image; we currently have no image to talk about. And i think these storys go a long way in building a zero tolerance image.

      • Guvnor

        Haaa iwe!!! Do not try to sanitize marutsi akadai! She said what she said and it was reported as such. As a responsible citizen and VP in this country, we expected her to offer direction as to how to resolve this so that the truth is known and veils of secrecy and other shenanigans these corporate people employ in order to avoid prosecution are lifted and everyone faces their music. It was a very very very unfortunate statement in my view and one that make me lose the very little confidence that I have in those that run this country. This in my view has absolutely nothing to do with imperialist, sanctions or any such excuses. This was not an organised act from a group of people to destabilize the economy of fight some economic or political war but PURELY SELFISH INDIVIDUALS THAT WERE GIVEN KEYS TO CASH RESOURCES AND DECIDED TO FILL THEIR POCKETS WITH AS MUCH CASH AS THEY CAN WITH NO REGARD AT ALL TO THE ORGANISATIONS THAT THEY LED AND THE PEOPLES’ LIVES THAT DEPEND ON THEM. PERIOD. The press has done nothing but report on what they believe is going on and it is up to those fingered to let out THE TRUTH if they are wrongly accused so that they may be exonerated. IT IS THAT SIMPLE IN MY VIEW.

  • Fungayi

    In the name of fairness and transparency, can we also have the salaries and benefits of the top guys at ZIMPAPERS?

  • vanhu

    I think the VP made a grave mistake ..A snr person like her should not been seen as if she suppoirting the corrupt tendencies.Iye zvino everyone is confused .Mdhara Bob anoti corruption to go.Mutevedzeri oti kwete ….saka moda kuti isu tisupporte ani manje …………Haa ini nmdaenda naChinotimba hangu ini

    • moriya mugomo

      Cant members of PSMAS vacho vanobatirwa mari sue this bustard ! nxa shame on you Dube . face yakaora

  • vanhu

    asi amai ka…..

  • Mimi

    VP Mujuru will have to take responsibility for this sudden turn of events. Her speech at the weekend was out of sync and totally out of order. The media follows the politicians everywhere and at all public addresses and for her to start questioning and giving ultimatums for the media to shut up is suspect. VP Mujuru is trying to cover up something here because her actions just do not add up. The media’s role is to inform the public of all happenings in the country, whether good or bad saka zvaipa papi nhasi. The media is just doing its job. And if there is nothing to hide why should the media be threatened. My little respect for Cde Teurai Ropa Mujuru has just gone through the window. And remember that the 2018 elections are not far away… we shall vote and we shall speak.

  • Afropax

    Heartless CEO

  • Mutema

    He doesn’t know how to spend his loot. He now considers to splash it to the advocates pursuing a story he knows very well is true. Better you return it to PSMAS it will assist a lot of people. Shame, shame, shame on you Tembo ! Nyarai kani chivara

  • Popiro

    the fish rots from the head……

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    But the Board needs to be more professional on the information given to the public! If he is on pre retirement leave , he is techinically still employed by PSMAS! He is entitled to his full benefits during that period as per board approved contract! What about the reported ten year contract that gave him more yrs with PSMAS? Was that contract in compliance with PSMAS rules, legally speaking? If its true, then he will exercise his legal rights and seek redress on the breach of that contract . The law does not look at public opinion and moral principles but whether his outragious earnings were legally approved by the `seemingly ` corrupt Board of directors. .In terms of corporate governance , the shareholders of PSMAS were asleep and left their business in the hands of unsuitable directors.and mgt!. Over the years , did PSMAS hold AGMS? What was discussed at these meetings? I personally think the board and management took advantage of clueless public servants(as sharerholders) , most whom are well read with colourful degrees but cannot read financial statements. Hence the rot that never raised anyone`s eyebrow over the yrs! Cashbert will demand his rights as per contract , not withstanding the stink in such a contract ! Even in the pvt sector and govt there are cases of such outragious benefits such as fat holidays allowances and expensive cars when the povo is helpless! Nehanda forbid! LANDCRUISERS! RANGE ROVERS! Mercs! Fuel benefits for CEOs? Even our govt ministers enjoy two expensive cars ,each, with no feelings about povo Zimbabweano? Ah haasi Cashbert wega ba imi woye! MPS are also crying for more benefits also ! Ko isu ana RAZARO?

    • Multiple Eargasms

      Obviously you have never heard of something called voidable contract.Neither of the word bribery,connivance,inducements and absurdity.Your rumblings don’t make sense.Please Professor little knowledge is very dangerous.This is a Public entity not Old Mutual or Delta Corporation.These people must stand trial and stolen property returned to its rightful owners,the PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        @Multiple Eargasms::::::::? The Cashbert case is still a moot point! Even the govt cannot just dismiss a contract without due legal dilligence. If CASHbert`s contract was null and void ab initio, then it naturally will become voidable!The PSMAS statute and employment regulations are the starting point , not public opinon and anyone`s anger! Yes the board and mgt( not only CASHBERT) must stand trial if criminal offences are proven! But you have to understand that if you are a foolish employer and you pay far above the market , then you cannot plead for court assistance. Where the board and mgt have connived to steal and that is proven, then yes the law will take its course! All employees , have constitutional rights in terms of our labour laws, regardless of whether its PSMAS, DELTA or Young MUTUAL! You are being simplistic about the issue! Few yrs ago , there was an outcry about Harare council MGT buying expensive cars. I remember well Mayor Masunda saying their contracts so dictated! To me the starting point is to have qualified and suitable boards that will stinking contracts that may legally bind the employer but being immoral and not acceptable. Those who have read law will tell you that there is a legal maxim which says“ The law does not assist those who are asleep“. You are welcome to visit the area of jurisprudence and we can assist you freely , without asking for fee!

    • masvukupete

      Is this the real Prof Mzvinavhu. If it is, welcome back from leave, was it forced or voluntary. No matter. welcome back.

  • Mercedes Benz

    sad really that the thief is crying foul and what about us Sir who could not get medical attention at the many facilities we tried because of you and your board

  • Anti-corruption

    You can now see where all this is coming from. This corrupt people I believe held a meeting with amai Mujuru over the weekend and it was agreed that Amai would first set the tone of silencing the media and then the respective corrupt individuals would follow, and there we are today. What a shame!

  • dube tracy

    Ko mari yaihora ndeye nhema here there is no democracy in Zimmabwe period

  • nokulunga masuku

    Mujuru is giving him the green light////// how pathetic

  • Mhondoro

    I think the Herald should continue doing the good job they are doing. Mr Dube and his lawyers should freely go to court and it would be interesting to see the courts trying to come up with a judgement to effectively shut down the media. This is serious arrogance by Cuthbert Dube and serious disregard and disrespect for the suffering civil servants in this country. Government has to take this matter seriously and deal with these matters conclusively. People were stealing in broad daylight now they are using the stolen monies to hire lawyers to try and silence the papers. Unbelievable.

  • magfm

    Cartbet kunzwa chatikwata hunge unekaturike.

  • B fresh

    Cuthbert people died due to your actions you are a thief and a murderer and if I were you I would return those stolen funds ,its other peoples lives you ruined so you could have a booger life(pimp life) its wrong and we want you in jail ,people have to make co -payments because of you and that’s not right apologise to Zimbabweans immediately because your actions for lack of a better word are unforgivable so that you can roll around in the latest Benz not right shame on you

  • Conspiracy

    I wonder how Petros Kausiyo is feeling right now, not being able to defend his paymaster like he always does panyaya dzeZIFA?. He is Dube’s media boy at the Herald. Come on Petros, say something???

  • s shumba

    Dr Dube….Dr Dube…..what is his doctorate….genocide…swindle…..thievary. Because he was heading a medical society he was now thinking he is a real “doctor”

  • B fresh

    Malawi is taking them down so must we ,down with cashgate down with cashgate hang offenders

  • YOWE78

    zvichibva kuna Mai Mujuru zvese izvi

    • Jotham

      Radanura nyaya. Short sentences do not make sense. Asi chii nhai.Heheheheeeeeee.

      • YOWE78

        Jotham chokwadi uri kuchiziva…I read with your comment in which you are saying that the media and these thieves are working in tandem to tarnish the image of the country. That is not true !!! The media must report all of these issues so that corrupt elements are exposed ZIMASSET inofanhirwa kufamba mdara

  • idi-kwe

    instead of him apologising to the nation and after apologising then kill yourself, unotorotomoka zvekuda kutosungisa vanhu, iwe wakasungwa nani…..nxaaaaaaaaaa, given a chance cuthbert, ini ndokuiisira ukafa, because, my relatives died vachishaya access to Mdical treatment because iwe yu were busy dubeously cashing in zvako nemahure ako…… vana vako ngavarohwe nestroke vese…… wotofuma uchitorotomoka, nxaaaaaaa…….i hate you

  • Stix

    The work of Jonathan Samukange, the man who insisted on standing as an independent against party (Zanu PF) orders.

    • chisburg

      Samukange is just a lawyer ,it does not matter who and why he has been hired .Think. chisi

      • Stix

        That is what you think, Mr Thinker! You do not know the subtext

  • Joe

    the one we all thought needed answers on how her beloved one passed on has told us to keep quiet.the one we all thought was the nation’s mother has told us to go to hell.the one we thought was ours has given thieves wings to fly,now they fly like they will never come down to earth!!!

  • Manyika

    “In one article you refer to Dr Dube’s status as former chief executive officer when in truth and in fact, he has not been dismissed or suspended from employment. In the result, to refer to our client as a former chief executive is misleading, blatantly untrue and defamatory.” Does this explain the failure by the PSMAS website to update readers about its current management structure? The lassitude they show in updating their website when they have been in the news for all the wrong reasons show that they have rather poor PR and IT departments. This is a small manifestation of the inefficiencies at PSMAS, no wonder they fail at their core mandate of availing medical services to their members.

  • Ndabezinhle Nkomo

    Because he has the money to buy everything and threaten every body with his stolen cash. Lock the bugger and throw away the keys.

  • vekare

    As pointed in previous comment,the rot starts from being selfish and then compounded by a poor pricing policy fir both goods and labour emanating from poor understanding of value of USD. Our economy cannot sustain such policies. We need to see what USD can buy in America,what the general public earns per hr,what revenue base the US gvt has and so on and soforth to an able us to come up with a true value based policy on these issues. Dube and company yes need investigating and sorting out but also what has been done about our monetary policies which to me is the route cause of current problems?

  • John Rambo

    He he he vanga vajaira kuti Herald inovhara wayo muromo. It happens all over the world Mr Dube, unotyei kusviba magaro iwe wagara murutsva

  • Mandirasisa Mai

    Look now, what is the problem now with our mother VIP? This story is smoothly dovetailing into her uncalculated utterances over the weekend. I respected her a lot but, shuwa usavimbe nemapolitician awa anokurasisa mangwana. Havo, vosapota mbavha nemakororo!

  • Zamunda

    the only thing left is to kill these Idiot l gona be a serial killer soon

  • economised

    Its sad that there are lawyers who are ready to reap big by representing the corrupt chief executives what a shame worse of when its a threat to gag the media, its disappointing and nauseating such lawyers should reform.

  • Shone

    How much time does he give ordinary citizens before we ask a parliamentary committee to question him so we can find out the true extent of corruption in state enteprises.



  • Zimbo

    Good job herald,i used to hate this paper but now i see positive chages

  • Gombiro

    harahwa iyi soo

  • Mimi

    If VP Mujuru can give a speech like she gave in Chinhoyi to try and cover up for the looting that is being uncovered in most Zimbabwean entities manje titori panguva yakaoma. Dube should actually be apologizing instead of playing victim, hachinyari chidhara ichi. This time he really has to visit T B Joshua, kikikikiki

  • Ticha

    Mai Mujuru will have to take responsibility for this sudden turn of events zvechokwadi.

  • Ticha

    Herald , makugona manje.