Diplomats hail President’s vision

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Felex Share recently in Masvingo—
African leaders should emulate President Mugabe and impart the pan-African vision to youths, diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe have said. They said youths empowered with pan-Africanism will resist Western machinations. Diplomats who attended President Mugabe’s 92nd birthday celebrations at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments in Masvingo on Saturday said schemes by the continent’s former colonisers to dominate Africans in every aspect needed the valour displayed by President Mugabe.

Dean of African diplomats and Democratic Republic of Congo Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Mwawapanga Mwanananga said Africa was blessed to have President Mugabe in leadership. “This is a very important day because first of all old age, long life, is a blessing from God and to have rain on this day in a year when we have drought shows that the man is blessed,” he said.

“I am really impressed celebrating the 92nd birthday of the President. I regard President Mugabe as the President and leader for Africa. It is my prayer that so many leaders and people will actually emulate what he is doing. He is really inspiring the youths and also planting a seed in the youths of boldness and courage.”

President Mugabe turned 92 on February 21 and the Zanu-PF Youth League chose the Great Zimbabwe Monuments as the venue for the traditional 21st February Movement celebrations. Namibia Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Balbina Daes Pienaar said President Mugabe’s wisdom was needed in leading Africa to prosperity.

She said big events, like the President’s birthday, were critical in unifying people. “It is a very historic day at a very historic site,” she said. “Namibia is really happy to have this opportunity to wish the President many more years, more wisdom and strength to lead Africa. We are still blessed because he is rapporteur at the African Union and that means his guidance is still needed.”

Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping said: “This is my first time in Zimbabwe to see such a large number of people coming together to dine in celebration of their leader’s birthday. This simply shows that the man is loved by his people.

“We want more years of life for the President as we continue to take our bilateral relations to the highest level. President Xi Jinping has said he will join hands to continue strengthening our relationship and good co-operation. He was greatly impressed by the hospitality he was given during his State Visit.”

A record crowd attended this year’s celebrations, which were held in a peaceful environment contrary to reports in the privately owned media that alleged tension and bloodletting.

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  • Matoenda

    Interestingly Namibia has had three presidents since 1990, was the first African nation to use electronic e-voting machines for its 2014 elections, and has provided economic aid to its poor neighbour Zimbabwe. We know of President Xi Jinping’s determined and effective fight against corruption, and China’s insistence on regularly changing leadership with young blood who haven’t long expired retirement dates. As for DR Congo perpetually mired in corruption and civil war, no need to ask why it finds soul brothers amongst the ##Zanu-pf ###, #####
    All in all a fascination selection of comments chosen by the Herald to illustrate diplomatic doublespeak, and in no way reflects the ambassadors’ true undisclosed sentiments concerning President Mugabe.

    • Matoenda

      Herald moderators, why the resumed censorship for perfectly legitimate phrases using no disgusting swear words valid under Zimbabwe’s Constitution guaranteeing freedom of expression? I’ll repeat the same censored part of the comment below, please allow free people who are not under control of Zanu-PF factional directives the freedom to judge!!
      “As for DR Congo perpetually mired in corruption and civil war, no need to ask why it finds soul brothers amongst the ##### ready to send #####to prop up DRC President Kabila.”

  • Xsir

    I knew before I read the article that It has to be some African Diplomats hailing Mugabe. And they are from Congo and China.

  • Ruzvidzo

    Disgusting widespread censorship once again forcibly imposed on Herald forum comments simply to please one man’s vision. Freedom Fighters and War Veterans once fought for one man one vote and other freedoms, especially to express oneself without shackles imposed by colonial rule. Now we see some Herald moderators too afraid to publish undiluted critical comments and wantonly suppress other views.
    Thank God for the free independent press!

    • theheraldonline

      We are not afraid of publishing this kind of comment, Ruzvidzo. We are here for you.

  • Mukotami

    What vision. 92 years old, 36 years in power, and the man starts seeing visions? Ha ha ha!