Demo against party bigwigs exposed

Cde Kasukuwere

Cde Kasukuwere

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
ZANU-PF national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere and some members of the Women’s League are reportedly organising a demonstration against Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Cde Chris Mutsvangwa and Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba at the party’s headquarters tomorrow to counter a threat by war veterans to bar Professor Jonathan Moyo from attending the Politburo.

At least 61 buses have been mobilised to ferry people today from various provinces.

Part of the fleet is understood to have been mobilised by Cde Kasukuwere in his personal capacity.

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The demo was called under the cover of a solidarity meeting aimed at congratulating President Mugabe for his achievements as African Union chairman and his recent appointment as AU rapporteur.

This is despite the fact that a solidarity gathering for the President’s AU achievements was held at Harare International Airport upon his return from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on January 31.

The claim that the event seeks to celebrate the President’s appointment as AU rapporteur is out of order in that the position is not new, but a natural route every outgoing chairperson takes for administrative purposes.

A crowd of about 10 000 people mainly women and youths is expected.

Surprisingly, Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said he was not aware of such an event.

Under normal circumstances, the office of the national spokesperson is the one that should deal with events of national appointments.

“I am not aware of it,” he said.

“Maybe you can check with the secretary for Administration (Cde Ignatius Chombo) because I was not briefed about it.”

Some provincial chairpersons, who spoke to The Herald yesterday questioned the authenticity of the event, saying the communication was not conveyed through normal party structures.

Masvingo provincial chairperson Cde Ezra Chadzamira said:


“All party communication comes through circulars, but for this one, I was told by the (provincial) Women’s League chairperson Mai Makonese that she just received a phone call from Harare.

“We don’t know where the resources for that event are coming from, but I heard that a bus is coming, but I don’t know from where.”

In the Midlands, provincial chairperson Cde Kizito Chivamba said he had not received any official communication from the commissariat relating to that event.

“I did not attend last Friday’s meeting with the national commissar, but my vice who attended did not brief me about anything relating to such an event,” he said.

“I don’t know if the commissariat has chosen to leave our province from that event. They will be the best to answer that.”

Cde Joel Biggie Matiza, who is the Zanu-PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman said there was no clarity from the national commissar on the purpose of the gathering.

“I am yet to get clarity from the national commissar (Cde Kasukuwere). So can you call later.”

The Youth League, which is touted as the major contributor to the event, said it was waiting for guidance from the President.

The league’s secretary Cde Pupurai Togarepi said: “We report to the President. We have to consult his office first. We have heard about that being announced at different fora that people will be coming on Wednesday but we have to consult.”

The Herald is reliably informed that the event was not being organised through normal party structures, but through designated individuals and selected constituencies.

“In Manicaland for instance, people are coming from Chimanimani, Makoni and Buhera,” said a source close to developments.

“Mrs Letina Undenge is the co-ordinator in the province. In Midlands, people are coming from Cdes Makhosine Hlongwane, Tapiwa Matangaidze and Chiratidzo Mabuwa’s constituencies. Mrs Smelly Dube is co-ordinating the operations.

“Minister Tabeth Kanengoni is in charge of coordinating people in Mashonald Central.”

Cdes Kanengoni and Dube could not be reached for comment last night while Mrs Undenge and Cdes Matangaidze and Mabuwa denied being part of the organising team of that event. They referred questions to the national commissariat.

“I am not involved. I am not privy to the details,” said Cde Matangaidze.

Said Cde Mabuwa: “I am actually hearing it from you. I do not organise anything because I was suspended from the Women’s League. I am operating from the cell level.”

A Politburo member who spoke to The Herald yesterday said the President should not allow certain elements pushing personal interest to abuse party structures.

“I think this should just stop. When President Mugabe was appointed African Union chairman, why did we not gather people to celebrate?

“Now that he is a rapporteur, which is an exit post from AU affairs, we say we want to celebrate. This is just a plot to cause an orchestrated clash with war veterans who have also threatened to come at the party headquarters tomorrow.

“The President should just stop this thing because it is going to be nastier, even more than the MDC’s final push. It is not in the best interest of the party.”

Messages are also being circulated on the social media WhatsApp platform, on a false pretext that there would be a special Women’s League meeting in Harare tomorrow.

Some of the messages seen by The Herald read: “Be advised that there will be a special conference for the Women’s League in Harare on 10th February 2016. The following are required: women’s national executive members, all provincial members of the Women’s League, chair lady and political commissar per party district. Party district chairpersons are thus urged to advise their chairladies and their political commissars accordingly as a matter of urgency.”

Cde Kasukuwere last night said: “It is a gathering to thank the President for what he has done for the nation and also his successful tour of the AU.

“It will be a disciplined thing, and the talk of violence is madness. There is no room for violence. It is uncalled for. There will be lots of women and youths and those who support the President. We have mobilised resources here and there, and people in provinces will use their own fuel, as always. There is no special fund.”

Mashonaland West and Central provinces, together with Harare confirmed that they were mobilising to attend the event.

Efforts to get a comment from the deputy secretary for the Women’s League Cde Eunice Sandi-Moyo were fruitless as her mobile phone was not reachable.

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    Who really cares????

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    Who set the house alight?
    House on Fire.

    Singing Sankomota’s great song

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    It is clear that there is bad blood between the commissar and the war vets and it is clear that we are headed for a showdown. What is not clear to some of us is why there is a fight for power when there should be a fight to restore hope for the masses in these trying times. What we know is the war veterans did fight to bring independence and we are not so sure where the G40 is coming from and what it represents. Some say it is a group of young people clamouring for space in leadership, yet some say it is a creation of the west led by the Professor to weaken the war veterans and thus in the process weaken the Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans ideology that underpinned the liberation struggle. If the G40 stands for the former position whereby they are clamouring for space in party leadership I think this can be discussed within the party but if it is the later position then Nehanda forbid. As for the war veterans it is my hope that they do not loose focus on the aspirations of Zimbabweans for a better life underpinned by real freedom. My fervent wish is for Zimbabweans to work together for a better Zimbabwe with the young respecting the elders and the elders realising that the owe it to the young to bequeath a future worth aspiring to have.

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    Hope I am not the only one who picked the stunning revelation that the MDC’s final push was big,big thing in Zanupf. Who knew?

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    You did the same demos for Mujuru now zvaipa zvaku side kwenyu. Haha regai tione drama racho zvedu isu

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    The President must act. How does the commissar organise an event not known is it a surprise birthday present.

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    ……, ukasadaro chimoto. I hope this meeting is during the day. No cancellation due to lack of electricity…..

  • dick mboko

    Now the ‘World War’ or is it Civil War’ in ZANU PF is starting!. Is this the end game? Now the Country and the Party are in Auto-pilot

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    Zvana Mutsvangwa zvekuti nhingi haana kurwa hondo zvasara izvo. What we want is just someone who can lead the country to greatness. Chete!!!!!

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    Aah so the so called new post for bob is just adminstrative and nothing to write home about. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag inadvetantly.

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    Handei tione

  • Kuta Kinte

    How can a demo be organized against VP Munangagwa? Which Politburo meeting can be held in his absence? While I am against any demos (because currently there is nothing warranting a demo of any sort), please sort out our internal differences quietly without going to the press. We do not want hear of such issues in future and we are not enjoying this. Every family has its own challenges and problems and the public is not the best of platforms to solve our manmade problems.

    • Strategic

      Family of hyenas have worse problems??

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    Isu toda G40 zve** kwete

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    And so Zimbabwe continues to burn.

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    Herald you jumped the gun. You should have let them all meet tiwone kuti chii chaizoitika.

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      herald yoyendererra sejira remudhongi kkkkkk

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    War veterans fought yes but its time to move on. We cannot keep being held to ransom by them. They got money in the 90s, money that the government did not have and we slid into financial problems. They occupied farms and now we are importing maize( dont talk about draught we have been importing maize for almost 2 decades) from the very white farmers we evicted!!! We need to move on and stop being held at the whims of these ” war veterans” Millions of people suffering just to pay homage to the few so called ” war veterans” No

    • Tengenenge


    • Zimba 1

      This is one-man’s mess. That the issue with not having a propers succesion plan. Had the supreme leader given guidance or grommed someone, all this time wasting and energy-sapping crisis could have been avoided. Blame the Supreme leader *!

    • bodo_kwete

      ukabatwa nemagandanga vanokuita kanyamakanyama.

    • chidaddy daddy Chibababababa

      The truth is, aside the liberation struggle ZANU has failed to develop the country economically and otherwise and they have nothing to show for their 35 year rule. This is why 35 years after independence they are still talking about the war as if it was yesterday. People are still being appointed on basis of war credentials (which are usually questioned when you fall out of favour, but i digress) instead of competence to take the nation forward. 35yrs after independence they are still on about who dropped the chopper who stole underwear. Does anyone really care when faced with the imminent drought, high unemployment, company closures, and all other problems dogging the nation. It now appears as if ZANU are entitled to rule the country because they fought the war even if they have nothing more to offer the people. The liberator has become the oppressor. Just as in a relay race, when you finish running your part, you should pass on the batton to someone else to continue, whether within or outside the party it doesnt matter but truth is, the time for change has come.

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        Thought all the right thinking men left Zimbabwe. Alas there is still a voice of reasoning.

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        Excellent post!! Dai vainzwawo vanhu vacho

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      Mune tuchokwadi singwi, mumashoko ako.

    • Mukotami

      Let them tear each other apart! I however have sympathies for Mnangagwa more than I have for these Zealots ana Joao (read Zhuawao) I can not be brought to like that opportunistic ignoramus who want to ursup elders just because he is nephew to the president as if the party is family fiefdom!

  • Murambiwa Mandishora

    what I can tell from all this nonsense is that all factions are subtly fighting Mugabe, if Mugabe is stupid enough to think he can survive, then its his waterloo. I heard a lot of people hate Mugabe in Zanu pf but I have always been doubting, now I know the truth. Mugabe is a goner.

  • mohammed

    charamba’s herald

  • Kuta Kinte

    This is a very sound comment for sure. I respect this. Zimbabweans should work together for a better Zimbabwe while the young ones respect the elders and that is also high sounded in Christianity.

  • thevinin

    bayanai ikoko, a dose of your own medicine!

  • Isheanesu

    So, Cde Kasukuwere under his own authority decides to rent a crowd paying for a fleet of buses in his own capacity without official Politburo knowledge or approval? Now will the substantial Riot Police presence meant to assure peace and security, deal with these unauthorised busloads of Kasukuwere demonstrators attempting to mingle with legitimate invitees, obey someone’s orders in their customary manner and habitual fervour?

  • Tiriparwendo

    Panenge paika macomrades. But it seem to me Joao is right. If our President is on EU sanctions then his juniors can’t be seen to be enjoying warm relations with the same

  • Tobayiwa mudede

    Let the dogs eat each other. Regai imbwa dzidyane.

  • Ngwekazi

    Zobohla manyosi. Kwakumnandi.

  • haiwawo

    Regai zvitatsurane especially with a leader who has a deluded sense of
    his omnipotence. This is the natural outcome for any party who followers
    are too timid to say what needs to be said – that after three decades
    and leading this country to near ruin and showing incapacity to imagine or execute anything different, he must now make way in an
    organized way.

    It is a good spoiler or, if they are as devious
    as they appear to be, a necessary distractor from the 21st February Movement
    “celebration” nonsense amidst abject suffering when they can no longer
    paper over the cracks in their intensifying fight over the shrunken pie
    that is Zimbabwe. Long ago it was Dongo, yesterday it was Mujuru and
    company (no tears there), today Mutsvangwa (or is it Moyo; they seem
    incapable of making up their minds over him) or Kasukuwere or Charamba (running out of space to list all the imagined suspects) and tomorrow it will be
    another scapegoat.


  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

    I think it is exaggeration to imagine war wets being very much involved in the fight involving two or three persons on issues not relevant to their welfare. Yes the war vets leadership is currently involved in the politics not relevant to their immediate welfare and expectations after the formation of their new Ministry. Too much digression from issues of war vets welfare is not advisable,unless the issues being debated venomously have direct impact on the welfare of liberation wars heroes. The war vets pressure group should be respected , but it should also respect other party members because they need each other to win and remain in power, as ZANU PF .

  • chacha

    Two lessons i have learnt from this atticle(1)that the President”s post at AU is just administrative and natural route which every outgoing chairman goes thru contrary to earlier Herald reports (2)that the demonstration will be nastier than the MDCs final push which i thought was a non event according to the Herald,Tichadzidzazve gore rino

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    How come I have all along believed that one needs police clearance before organising public demonstrations!?!

    • inini1545

      Only Opposition parties and other essential demos do need clearance. The Zanu PF is law abiding!

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    I have a feeling this story might not be true after all. However, if it is, this might be the first time that a scheduled politburo meeting fails to take place owing to the thread of violence from opposing groups of the party. It could be a game changer. Potential problem is that, once disgruntled masses taste any sense of imagined victory over lawfulness, it will be very difficult to control them in the future. So Police Comm-Gen Chihuri basa iro.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    Chematama chakati ziiiiiiiiiiiii zvacho – never disturb an enemy when they fight among themselves.

  • Doppelganger

    zindala zombili tomorrow! hehehe, Mai Mfana, don’t forget the popcorn and beers!

  • Tsivo

    Its so unfortunate that things have turned out this ugly, and the truth be told there are parallel structures within ZANU.PF.The most worrying thing is that all those in this fight allege total allegiance to the PRESIDENT which in itself is something of worrying concern to all the supporters. The truth be told all these people have actually turned against the PRESIDENT. Not PICKING ANY PARTICULAR MEDIA PLATFORM, all those who ARE insulting each other are so disrespectful of the PRESIDENT and thus are party spoilers who all should be sidelined, HAPANA MUTSVENE APA ,NGONYA . If it is true that people are being mobilized to be pawns in this game , then oh my LORD HELP OUR COUNTRY. If those resources are channeled toward drought relief wouldn’t that not be a great act of patriotism. Sober up CDES and show some respect to H.E CDE R.G.MUGABE which he so rightly deserves, and for sure you owe him that respect .MAGUSHUNGO MURIPIKO TIMIRE NEMUMWE WEDU. STAMP YOUR AUTHORITY JIRI,

  • Mbuya Emily

    Iwewe RUBBISH murume wepi anoda kuchengetwa nemukadzi uchiswera wakarara.
    Ko wadoo kuchengetwa ne Zanu yako?

  • Aristotle Lupus

    Aristotle Lupus a day ago


    I try not to delve much into politics but admonish the way Herald has already taken a stance on whom it supports. My other concern is that the ministers who are being fought are the most effective in govt. Their track record shows that they act when holding office.

    Jonathan Moyo:

    -introduced 51% local content which saw the rising of most musicians to date in an environment where international music was dominant.

    -did a lot as the Tsholotsho member of parliament

    -exposed corrupt activity within adminstrative organistaions when he was minister of Finance (something Herald and other state media had been ignoring),

    -is seen at work as minister of tertiary education.

    Kasukuwere wacho pioneered the empowerment agenda

    brought environment turnaround strategies when he was minister of environment

    Got rid of some corrupt municipal officers.

    We may not like these individuals but they are the ones with most results. Zanu Pf needs them on that ground alone.

    Also effective is Hon Mzemb