Businessman withdraws ZEGU suit

gavel2Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
Bindura businessman Mr Charles Chakumba, who was seeking demolition of the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University because it was built on his gold mine claims, has withdrawn his court case and apologised to President Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa for any disturbances caused by his suit.

Mr Chakumba dropped the case two days after President Mugabe officially opened and endorsed the institution.

The notice of withdrawal filed by his lawyers Tavenhave and Machingauta Legal Practitioners reads:

“Be pleased to take notice that the plaintiff hereby withdraws the matter and tenders wasted costs”

In a statement, Mr Chakumba’s representative, Mr Ambrose Mandovha, apologised to the nation.

“I would like to apologise to the whole nation for causing some damages on the entire family of ZAOGA locally and abroad.

“I saw it fit and had to put it into consideration not to advance self interests, but to advance those of the majority.

“Secondly, my apology goes to His Excellency Cde R.G. Mugabe who has a vision of empowering the sons and daughters through opening of higher and tertiary institutions.

“I had no intention of disrespecting his great vision of expanding higher and tertiary education in Zimbabwe and moreso in my province Mashonaland Central,” reads part of the statement.

A fortnight ago, Justice Joseph Musakwa granted a default order for the eviction of ZAOGA from the piece of land where the university was built to pave way for Mr Chakumba to conduct his gold mining activities on the land.

Last week, the High Court temporarily suspended the demolition of the multimillion-dollar university pending determination of the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa church’s application for rescission of the court’s decision.

In light of the withdrawal of the matter, there will be no need for the determination of the application for rescission of judgment.

The church confirmed to the court that it indeed refused to vacate the land because it had also been allocated the same piece of land by council.

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  • Marongero

    If he felt pressurised then it would be undue influence but if he did it with a clear conscience freely without any fear of anything or anyone then God will forgive everyone. If he was privately compensated and felt he was not obliged to go public then we respect his rights. If he was privately coerced then again this would taint the image of the church before God.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The area around Bindura has gold deposits dotted all over. Some of the deposits are not viable for long term mining activity and only suitable for a small scale short term mining. If all claims are sustained ,the Bindura and Shamva districts would not be suitable even for farming activities. Hence the need to balance mining and other development projects. ZEGU appears more developmental than the gold claims. The miner can be allocated another area within the district, if need be . Mash Central,like other provinces, needs sustainable developments projects. Government should always try to give the necessary balance such as in this case. Thanks for the timely and progressive government intervention.

  • Kenge

    Lets there be rule of law not rule of threats.

  • Museyamwa

    Aiwaka Mukumba taura nyaya yako in full! Why withdrawing your case? Were you paid or you were threatened, huh? Nemadiro awunoita mari haungangonyarari ndokuziva!

  • Terence Muchemwa

    I thought mining takes precedence over such things as farming and education. The University can always get other land that is not fit for farming or mining.

  • gede

    mupaka tagona kushandisa matombo ,ngaagare pasi ipapo.claim yacho yaibatsira iye chete,chikoro the bigger picture.tikada kutodzika nenyaya iyi …how did you get the claim,how many do you have ….imi .ngaisiye matambo.

  • The Corrector

    Zimbabwe can only develop if we all think and contribute intelligently without hate of establishment. The Council is the one which erred and not the Zegu University or Charles Chikumba. The council properly gave permission for the University to be built. If it was to be demolished, it was the Bindura Council to face the cost of compensating ZAOGA. We all need to know that if that happens then people’s rates and taxes will be used for compensation instead of providing services. Therefore public policy has to prevail. Of the two parties, only the University was in occupation and had developed the land instead of keeping it speculatively. It will be without cost to reallocate another site to the business man. Remember the businessman was so much not in use of the land so much that even adverts placed by the University before construction did not come to his attention. The land must be put to use. How does Zimbabwe develop when we all rally behind exciting little suspicions instead of development. We can’t cry for development and play at the same time. Let’s correct our mentality so we can one day come up with something that is retrievable out of all what the nation is going through. A church, building a university, must be applauded as we watch other churches buying mansions and fast cars and even donating to soccer clubs. Lets àll congratulate Charles Mukumba for being progressive and having the positive sense of recognising that the University is servicing his home town in terms of development which upgrades the status of the otherwise sleeping town. It is also the duty of the President to direct the country in issues of such magnitude because the development is to his people and his legacy hinges on what was dine while he was President. We all know , though we may not be in his party, that education is one of His strong areas and we cant hide the good work achieved in education todate. Thank you for reading.