Bring to book Kwekwe ‘boo boys’: PCC

Cde Hlongwane

Cde Hlongwane

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
ZANU-PF Midlands provincial leadership yesterday said police investigating party hooligans who booed the First Family during the Bulawayo Presidential Youth Interface Rally should extend their manhunt to the province as it emerged that some of the suspects were from Kwekwe. A handful of party youths tried to disrupt First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe’s speech during the Bulawayo Youth Interface Rally last weekend.

Speaking during the Midlands provincial coordinating meeting, Cde Makhosini Hlongwane said it emerged in Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting that some of the youths who booed the First Lady were from Kwekwe district. Kwekwe City is hometown for former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was early this week dismissed from Government for failing to work in line with his official duties.

“We all know about the shameful incident when some youths booed the First Lady as she addressed a Youths Interface Rally in Bulawayo which raised the ire of all other provinces as they roundly condemned the incident while reaffirming their solidarity with the President and the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe. We were the only province yet to speak against this unruly behaviour by these youths.

“It also emerged that some of these youths were from the Midlands Province, so as the province we condemn this and urge the police to do their job so as to bring these culprits to book,” said Cde Hlongwane. He said police should start searching for the two culprits only identified as T. Muto and a Nyevera, both from Kwekwe District.

“We cannot tolerate that and as the province we unanimously recommend that these youths, if found to be in the party structures, be expelled,” he said. Cde Hlongwane said information gathered so far was that a school bus hired from Kwekwe to Bulawayo had youths who were instructed to boo the First Family by those loyal to Mnangagwa. The school which provided the bus has been named so as a province we urge the police to do their investigations,” he said.

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  • Cde Rudeologist Chiqala

    Everyone is booable.

  • Garwe

    Police investigating people who boo or let gas out at a political gathering is a serious waste of resources. If there was any doubt that Zimbabwe is a dictatorship now it’s clear. Herald may not publish my comment but I hope you live with yourself knowing fully well that you have contributed to Mugabe for a few $$. all all the work you do I guess you think it’s funny that Mugabe’s children keep pouring expensive wine on $60k watches

  • Thetruthshallcome

    So what offences were committed by these people who are now being man hunted like terrosists? Do we really know what we are doing as a zany party? Disagreeing with someone is criminalised but when Grace criticised others on stage and disrespects older people to her, what is this meant to achieve? Some Animals are more equal than others. Tisakanganwe zvazuro nehope ndapota. Mangwana tizoyeuka bako tanayiwa.

  • Runyararo Munhuweyi

    Mmmmm, is this the best that our strained police resources can be used for? Assuming the ‘culprits’ are ‘arrested’, what charge can be levelled against them in terms of our criminal laws? Is booing the first lady a criminal act, or its only politically embarrassing? Why use state resources, scarce as they are, for internal political party ego massaging? This is where we have been getting it wrong since even before 1980. And look where it has now gotten us?

  • Nyari

    Aah, booing someone is a criminal offence?? What nonsense?? Yes it’s indiscipline kuchimusangano chenyu ichocho but it doesn’t warranty kuti mapurisa apindire… Nxa mandibhowa mhani, mucharamba muchitonga kusvika riniko?? Rimwe zuva zvichapera, nothing lasts forever. Nhai Mwari inzwaivo kuchema kwevana venyu tatambudzwa isu!!

  • Booing is an expression of disgust, we disgusted. No future for lay Zimbabweans, no freedom of expression in our independent country thats bullshit. Kakuririsa kangoma aka, kakufanirwa kutsemuka manje. Ingungu le isidume kakhulu isidabuka…[email protected] go hang

  • mandevu

    you really need to re-evaluate this society. We call ourselves a democracy? Ha

  • KING

    ZRP must and should investigate how and who looted $15 billion worth of diamonds not this booing case

  • Gandanga Matigari

    Pane mutemo wacho?

  • paidamoyo

    aikaka ,zvimwe zvinhu zvinopedza power

  • mandevu

    of course you have chosen a featured comment that suits your position. Seriously, as a modern democratic nation which we claim to be – and we are going in search of people who expressed their disagreement? May god help this country – it has lost all direction