BREAKING NEWS: President Mugabe – War Vets meeting date set

Cde Sydney Sekeramayi addressing War Veterans at Batanai Gardens in Harare

Cde Sydney Sekeramayi addressing War Veterans at Batanai Gardens in Harare

Herald Reporter
President Mugabe will meet war veterans at an extraordinary general meeting of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) set for April 7.

Announcing the date during the war veterans caucus meeting at Batanai Gardens, Secretary for War Veterans in the Politburo Cde Sydney Sekeramayi said the meeting would cement the foundation of the nation.

Security Ministers Cdes Tshinga Dube, Sekeramayi, Mohadi and Chombo

Security Ministers Cdes Tshinga Dube, Sekeramayi, Mohadi and Chombo

“The meeting will chat the way forward as we build the country because detractors are working overtime to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle,” he said.

More to follow . . .

Cdes Patrick Nyaruwata, Chris Mutsvangwa and Perence Shiri at War Vets caucus meeting

Cdes Patrick Nyaruwata, Chris Mutsvangwa and Perence Shiri at War Vets caucus meeting


Cdes Mandi Chimene, ZNA Commander Phillip Valerio Sibanda and ZRP Commisioner General Augustine Chihuri

Cdes Mandi Chimene, ZNA Commander Phillip Valerio Sibanda and ZRP Commisioner General Augustine Chihuri



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  • General Chaporonga

    Which Faction of War VETS?

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    Who are the detractors I wonder? The West or ZRP or Opposition Partiies? As far is reversing thc fortunes of the Liberation struggle in light of the stopping of the War Veterans demonstration I would say none of the above. The Police under the Leadership of CDE Chihuri were enforcing the law by stopping an illegal demonstration. The West and the Opposition were involved. It was all ZANU PF factions fighting. Don’t blame the Party infighting on others, its time for ZANU PF to iron their differences without pointing fingers to imaginary enemies.

    Pasi chigare nyaya dzaitambwa mudare naiye Mambo, makurukota nemasvikiro. Chatadzisa vana vevhu kuti vasadaro chiyi? Manyepo atinotaurirwa. Ini Guri, mwana waDuri, muzukuru waDura ainzi Mutangadura, arere mujinga reGandamasungo pedyo neHwedza takura ndichiona zvakawanda. Munoti zvandiri 93 years old handizive chokwadi here?

    • Mart

      ZANU-PF has been creating imaginary enemies since 1980 to deflect people from real issues.

  • G40

    Its not even news worth!!!!!! Is there anything extra-ordinary that makes this meeting of party members deserve “breaking news”?

    • TeuraiRopa

      Gandanga guru Joice Mujuru is she going to be available for the crucial meeting yes she is oppositoin but she is a war vet

      • @tura81

        Dr Mujuru not welcome but gamba guru Survivor Kasukuwere akarwa hondo at the age of 8 years anenge ariko

    • masvukupete

      Or they have never met hence its news, like Obama in Cuba kind of thing.

  • Diva Dollar

    halabaloo about nothing!

  • Mazomba

    Has ZNLWVA Chairman Cde Mutsvangwa been correctly consulted and confirmed the date for this requested meeting from President Mugabe?

    • Chief Legal Adviser

      He is not in-charge! He needs to be controlled accordingly.

    • Grace Jones

      do you not see him at the meeting

  • Concerned Citizen of Zimbabwe

    They are praying shame. Damage control bosses its bad now.

  • clement moyo

    You guys honestly think war veterans need to be detracted, by whom. They are the detractors themselves because the country is in a mess because of this animal they call ‘war veteran’. They want everything in return for noting. They lost both the liberation war and the economic war of this country – God knows what they will win and when they will win it. Giving them a status is moving our nation backwards. They need to be ignored because they are just a senseless and foolish bunch of useless thugs. Ngavadzokere kusango mani stupid mani. They don’t deserve any respect because of their bad deeds in the past and present, therefore they don’t deserve any respect of whatever.

    • TheLaw

      War veterans won nothing? These are people who made real sacrifices for all black Zimbabweans. Yes, plenty of mistaken have been made and power is abused but to say war vets did nothing and deserve NO respect is shocking and appalling. Your frustrations are misdirected.

  • Zvichapera

    Presiding over a dying a system. There are so many forms of blindness, and ZANU PF will provide an excellent case study for many forms of blindness. These ZANU PF guys cannot see that time is over.

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    We want more votes of no confidence.

  • dude

    Who cares?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The planned meeting augurs well and will show our detractors that ZANU PF is based on ideology and cadre discipline as a revolutionary party. Those who are expecting the negative will be confounded and disabused from their hallucinatory and nefarious imaginations. National interest transcends any individual misguided ambition. ZANU PF triumphed many a times in the past, during adversities caused by infiltration from reactionary forces , who tried to plant seeds of disharmony to kill our revolutionary trajectory. Nehanda,the revolutionary daughter of Murenga will always inspire our revolutionary leadership towards unity in ZANU PF.

    • Sekuru Karikoga

      Mujuru and her alleged supporters’ explusion was the work of destractors, Mutsvangwa, his Wife expulsion was the work of the enemy? Right now, asking you these questions are works of your perceived enemies?Right. ZANU PF is all about chanting meaningless slogans and loyalty to the dear leader. Some elements of ZANU PF finally woke up. The moment they ask for the beef they are canned. VanaKarikoga isu hatina muti wekusvinurisa mapofu. Saka mapofu eZANU UP motomirira the second coming of Christ. God bless S.K.

    • Blackwave

      A true Zanoid to the core…who knows u might actually be a member of the so-called politiburo…but listen here and listen good. A revolution denotes change, and the only change happening in your beloved zanu pf is the #### and the many factions that are cropping up…oh yes you will also blame it on ‘sanctions’ and detractors. You talk about the national interest but do you know what that mean? You cannot put forward zanu interests and then call them national interest. The national interest has to do with a robust health sector, a cheaper and quality education, employment opportunities for all, thriving businesses in a thriving economy, better infrastructure like good roads and enough dams, access to clean water for everyone, freedom of speech and association, free press, i could go on and on about the national interest. Who cares about zanu’s percieved enemies, real or otherwise? Instead of fixing the problems you ###, all we here is this useless drivel and jibberish about detractors and bloody sanctions..when are you going to man up offer real solutions? #######. Like a horse u need blinkers to have direction!!

  • @tura81

    Its high time we as war veterans start to prepare a new generation to work for the nation as the War veterans era is coming to an end, we won’t live on this earth forever

  • Grace Jones

    Can somebody please explain why it was Sekeramayi who announced the war vets meeting with Mugabe and not Tshinga Dube.

    • Strategic

      I suppose War Vets now fall under Min of Defense?

    • brian

      Sekeramayi is the war veterans Secretary in the Politiburo.

  • chit chat

    yes its good, the meeting will chat the way forward?!

  • Salt Shaker

    The 7th April meeting will be broadcast live on ZTV?

  • samas

    Mujuru.mutasa and cabal should also attend the meeting.They are still war vets,surely you can’t take that from them.It’s awar get meeting not zanupf meeting

  • Tongai Ngondonga

    I will be very grateful if the truth is to be said also urge the leaders to put the record straight. We have structures in the part and heirachy that we follow but looking at the events happening now it clearly shows they some elements who trying to fast track the system to eliminate the seniors and put themselves on positions that strategically place them on better positions to takeover. Hutungamiri ngausabve kumusoro huchienda pasi asi hubve kuvanhu huchienda kumusoro. Ko isu tine hama dzakasara mumasango chedu chii apa. Tirangarireiwo nekuti misodzi ezere pamatama mazuva ESE dai marionawo chero kungoita kuti tikwanisa kunofukura hama dzedu tidzi unze kumusha. Pamwe moyo yedu ingazorore.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    I am reliably informed that Dr. Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru, Cde. Rugare Gumbo, Cde Dumiso Dabengwa, Cde Dydimus Mutasa, Cde Jabulani Sibanda, Cde Joseph Chinotimba, Retired Brigadier General Kasu, Retired Colonel Mbudzi and Cde Mandi Chimene are going to attend. I am also told that all war veterans in the security services and those in the private sector are going to attend. I am also told that there are some war veterans who are currently out of the country who are already preparing to come for the meeting. Oh, I am also told that Black Jesus and Chapungu are going to be there. I am further advised that their thrust is more focused on restoring the party to its rightful owners and to coerce leadership not only to focus on their welfare alone but that of the generality of the Zimbabwean population. They generally feel that it is not heroism to fight for one’s own welfare but true heroism to fight for the welfare of the poor, the children and the impoverished masses of Zimbabwe. Theirs is not their own fight alone and they want their welfare to be at the bottom of their priority list once again as they did when they left school and the comfort of their homes to engage in a brutal war against the ruthless Smith regime.

  • General Chaporonga

    Musangano wekupanana mari uye plotting to unleash violence prior to 2018…Useless “Breaking News”..

  • discourse

    Agenda drafted already by G40. Strictly welfare issues and nothing like demeaning armed forces, the VP by the overprotected Mahoka,…. firing members willy nilly(destroying Zanu pf, going trabalistic (ubaba U Mphoko), economic issues, indlala and the serious security threat posed by G40. Watch out brothers, you must have credible items of agenda and make sure all are discussed to your satisfaction. Watch out vamwe venyu vakatopiwa chioko muhomwe nechekare kuti vasa taure. So be warned

  • Diva Dollar


  • Sekuru Karikoga

    VaMusiyamwa nyangwe variSekuru put fear in everybody. Muhera akanga akangwarisa hapana aimboti bufu Chikomba yese. Taizvinzwa wani kuno kuGandamasungo. Uyu Mutsvangwa anenharo uye ane attitude haavundiki uye haavanzi kana agumbuka. Manyemwe zvakare ndipo pamusha. Achabviswa nemunyati nevakuru vakuru vaakatuka, zvemazita ndozvinei. Kutuka Amai zvinoyera muDzimbahwe hama dzangu. Uyu Grace akaberekwa ini ndave nevazukuru. Anotori nezera nevamwe vazukuru vangu. Hongu kwandiri ipwere asi tinomukudza saAmai. Amai ndimai semudzimai wemukuru wenyika. Tinokudza uye kutowuchira kuti makadii Amai ndikavawona. Handisati ndambo sangana naye iye Mudzimai wavaMugabe. Iye President mudiki negore asi tinovakudza sashe. Ndidzo tsika dzedu dzatakakura nanzo vese nehu yavaSvosve.

    Saka Mutsvangwa chasara kuiswa muhistory sezvakaitwa Sibanda, Gumbo nevamwewo. Akatukwa navaMugabe, akaburitswa muParty for 3 years, akabviswa muCabinet. Zvaakatuka Amai achiti marriage certificate before mareporters imagine what he says behind doors. Yes Sir. the walls have ears in Zimbabwe. Bva togowona kuti zvichifamba seyi mushure mesvondo mbiri.

    Hupenyu hwakanaka ndehwedu kuno kumusha. Chikafu tinorima, maghadheni, zvipfuyo, hove tichivedza, ini handichaenda asi vakomana vadiki. Kuno kwaKarikoga takagara tirivapfumi nekurima uye zvipfuyo. Hati kunde vemapurazi asi hozi tinozadza. Inga Matemba arimupenyu Dhafu 10 ton chaiyo ndaizadza ndega nechibage nezviyo. Kotoni ndakaregedza zviyinetsa treatment mainsects acho anonetsa. Kuno rugare sadza madzimai vanobika, mupunga, muriwo, nyama,
    mukaka, vana nevazukuru vakakura vakasimba. Zvenyu zvepolitics itayika asi kutandana muParty munhu hupfu hwapera. Karikoga doesn’t depend nemunhu asi mawoko achishereketa.

  • Diva Dollar

    I was n’t talking to you by the way.

    You are indeed a very ### person!