Artist salutes President through fashion designs

One of the designs to be printed on various outfits for the 21st February Movement celebrations

One of the designs to be printed on various outfits for the 21st February Movement celebrations

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Fashion designer Xenophone Tome Garan’anga has unveiled new clothing designs for the upcoming 21st February Movement celebrations.

The patriotic designer, who brags about President Mugabe’s achievements has come up with the several designs as a way to honour the great works the President has done since independence, ahead of his 92nd birthday.

“President Robert Mugabe is an exemplary leader who has led the country in a very special and unique way and his work goes a long way in ensuring that the youths in our nation have a solid and tangible history to learn from,” Garan’nga said.

The designs carry several pictures of the President and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

“I had to include Amai because she is the one who takes care of the President on a daily basis and knows him better. She has also been hard working in her own endeavours meant to develop the country.”

The designs which come in the form of T-shirts as well as different other accessories will be made available to the public during the 21st February Movement celebrations.

Garan’anga said there is need for the youth to be educated on the liberation struggle.

“Because many of them do not read books about the struggle, another way to make them aware is the use of different art forms for this will capture attention at the same time giving valuable information to people.”

It is in this regard that he made his designs on different accessories that appeal to most youths.

“Most youths need education about how Zimbabwe came about rather than being attracted to the American way of life, it is therefore wise to give them this education through art forms which capture their attention,” Garan’anga said.

Different art forms have been emerging over the years as a way of honouring the President and educating people about the history of Zimbabwe.

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