Another MP dragged into EcoCash fraud case

EcoCashFungai Lupande Court Reporter
A 27-year-old Seke villager who grabbed headlines recently after registering cellphone lines in prominent Zanu-PF politicians’ names was last week back in court for registering a line in Harare South MP Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe’s name.
Blessing Mazarura, of Murisa Village, Chief Seke’s area, allegedly used the line to swindle several people by purporting to offer them land.

He appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe who revoked his previous bail, forfeiting line to the State and before remanding him in custody to August 21.

Prosecutor Ms Sharon Mashavira alleged that sometime in July this year, Mazarura bought an Econet line 0783505079 and registered it for EcoCash in the name of Cde Mashayamombe.

The court heard that on July 22, he phoned an administration manager at XGMA Earth Movers, Mr George Ngonidzashe Maposa, advising him that he had qualified for a plot allocation.

Maposa was instructed to deposit US$325 into the EcoCash line for administration fees, it is alleged.

After the money was deposited, Mazarura withdrew it the same day from an EcoCash agent.

The court heard that Mazarura bought another line 0783961290 and registered it in the name of the same legislator.

He allegedly called Frontier Services director Mr Tichaona Zhavairo informing him that he had qualified for a farm and requested him to deposit US$396.

The money was deposited and Mazarura withdrew it.

Using the same line, Mazarura called a training officer at the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Mr Kennedy Matiki, telling him that he had been allocated a plot.

Mr Matiki was advised to deposit US$126 “administration fees” and Mazarura withdrew the money.

Nene Trading manager, Ms Charity Tapfumaneyi, also received a call from Mazurura, who was using the line registered in Cde Mashayamombe’s name.

After being told that she had been allocated a plot, Tapfumaneyi was advised to deposit US$320 through EcoCash.

Another businessman, Mr Bryn Majada, lost US$320 to Mazarura through the same scam.

Mazarura was arrested on August 4 and the line registered in Cde Mashayamombe’s name was recovered from him.

Cde Mashayamombe was summoned by the police and denied ownership of the line.

On July 7 this year, Mazarura appeared at the Harare magistrate courts accused of defrauding farmers whom he called using fraudulently registered lines advising them that they had qualified for agricultural inputs and implements before ordering them to send money for transport on the EcoCash platform.

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  • Detective

    This guy is clever, how can grown up people fall for this

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      Stupid old fashioned way of stealing. Does Ecocash request for an ID before giving out cash? If not, there is a catch. Too naive are Zimbabweans.

  • Musimwa81

    Doesn’t add up. From what l know, seem cards can be registered without a fuss. In fact out hear, I just buy a line and if you find a caring enough attendant, she will just take a copy of your id, have you sign the registration form and she does the rest for you. However registering for mobile money is a more serious issue. They want your ID copy, they insist on seeing the original, they compare faces, then they register it….WHILE YOU WAIT. How on earth did this man register for mobile money the way he did. Unless one tells me when you register your sim, the system automatically registers you for mobile money as well. If that is the case in Zim…….. please change that. As for this dude, make an example of him.

    On a different note, who still sends cash to a person based on an instruction given over the phone?????

  • Cellphone

    Can mobile phone operators give an explanation as to why their products are sold by suspicious characters outside their own buildings and at their door steps?