70 undergo BVR training in Mash West

Walter Nyamukondiwa Chinhoyi Bureau—
At least 70 district election officers and technicians in Mashonaland West Province have undergone training on Biometric Voter registration. This is in preparation for the actual voter registration process expected to start on Thursday. The two-day training programme drew election officers, clerk typists and voter registration supervisors from the province’s seven districts.

“The workshop was aimed at equipping them with requisite knowledge and skills in the operation of the BVR kits,” said acting provincial elections officer Mr Austin Ndlovu.

“Participants have been taken through the general principles of voter registration, the legal framework governing the conduct of voter registration and the general use of the kits.”

Mr Ndlovu said voter registration would be done in phases, starting with Kariba and Hurungwe districts, before it moved to Makonde and parts of Zvimba.

It will move to Chegutu District before going to Mhondoro and Sanyati districts.

The training started in Harare with master trainers, which saw 11 trainers and four technicians from the province being trained.

Master trainers are now cascading the training to the districts.

BVR kit operators will receive training from Saturday to October 3.

Mr Ndlovu urged participants to take the training programme seriously, as the success of the system hinged on their ability to efficiently operate the kits.

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  • Simbisai

    Obviously millions of new voters need to ensure they have adequate IDs before attempting BVR voter registration, either plastic IDs or other replacement documents. Meanwhile Mudede’s RG Office is embarked on a separate mobile ID registration programme where a number of problems have already been highlighted that have the potential for disenfranchising millions of voters, namely exorbitant charges by the RG’s Office which may be impossible to meet from the empty pockets of poor citizens in the today’s harsh economic climate.
    Some of the charges are as follows:-
    $50 for people whose IDs are marked as alien (ie one parent born outside Zimbabwe), although anyone born in Zimbabwe with at least one Zimbabwean parent or grandparent is automatically entitled to Zimbabwean citizenship under the new Constitution, or similarly a citizen by descent if born outside Zimbabwe of Zimbabwean parentage but still need to obtain a Zimbabwe birth certificate.
    $10 to replace a lost ID
    $15 for a first time ID applicant
    $5 for children over 5 to obtain a birth certificate.
    Whether deliberate of accidental, this could delay or disenfranchise millions wishing to register to vote while saving or searching for sufficient funds.
    If Government can subsidise farmers with taxpayer’s money by purchasing grain at $390/tonne when regional market prices are as low as $140/tonne, then surely during this crucial key exercise, Government could subsidise all fees charged by RG Mudede’s Office allowing a nominal flat fee of $1 for all IDs and certificates required for voter registration??

  • kutototo

    Hanzi voter registration will start on Thursday and I am wondering what day it is today, checking on the calendar I realise Thursday is tomorrow and there are no clear instructions on where we are going to register and the requirements, save for a confusing paragraph which talks about registration will done in phases starting with Kariba and Hurungwe. Apa ini I live in Harare. I know the software and servers to store the data are still to be purchased so in the mean time our information is going to be store in Rita’s head. Zve Zimbabwe surrender shuwa.

  • Valid question

    Help! Both my hands have been amputated, what do I do?

  • Chemwapiwa

    A unique biometric characteristic? Hmmmm… let me think, .. how about the length of my ####, nobody else even comes close!