Zuva: The heart of Zim’s fuel industry


Zuva is a Zimbabwean company that was formed in 2010 and through their lineage they boast of more than 80 years of industry leading presence in this country. They are one of Africa’s leading integrated energy companies operating from Zimbabwe. Since coming into existence, they have been driven by their people and their commitment to perform to the highest excellence and accountability standards.They achieve this by operating responsibly, executing with diligence, leveraging innovative technologies and continuously seeking new opportunities for sustainable growth.

“Have you ever noticed how when the morning sun rises, it explodes in brightness and the world suddenly comes alive with renewed hope?

“Every single morning, the effect and impact of the sun is different and yet so familiar. This is who we are as Zuva.

“We are an organisation that is consistently searching for different and revolutionary means of making energy provision simple and basic but with an all-familiar customer service excellence experience that Zuva customers have become accustomed to,” Zuva Petroleum retail manager Emmagness Ruzvidzo said.

Being one of Zimbabwe’s largest petroleum companies, Zuva boasts of an extensive national footprint.

They have 72 retail service stations that continue to grow through their robust franchising programme.

The franchising initiative is part of their commitment to develop indigenous entrepreneurs by offering them an opportunity to manage and run service stations in the mainstream of economic activity.

“Zimbabwe consumes over four million litres per day and at the heart of all this lies Zuva. We intend to be the brand of choice every day in Zimbabwe, the region and beyond. Our focus on innovation, and delivering best quality service and products in a safe environment is unrelenting. Being the best is not a part time job. We have to bring our best game to work every single day.

“Only by being excellent every day, will we be able to give our customers a world class service. We have the technology, expertise and capacity to make sure that we continue playing an integral part in driving Zimbabwe forward,” Zuva Petroleum chief executive Mr Bethwell Gumbo said.

Zuva is the only oil company in Zimbabwe that supplies the widest range of Petroleum products.

It supplies, over 11 products including from D500, D50, ULP, Blend, IP, LP Gas, Lubricants, HFO, Avgas, JET, Butane for cosmetics and chemical manufacturing and many more with full technical product support.

With the Zimbabwean economy consuming an average of four million litres of fuel a day, fuel accounts for 23 percent of the nation’s import bill.

In the year 2015, Zimbabwe’s imports of petroleum products averaged US$100 million a month making fuel the largest traded commodity both in terms of volume and value.

Zuva’s contribution to this expenditure exceeded 20 percent leading to their recognition in the year 2015 as Overall Highest Compliant Contributor in the Excise Duty Category.

Zuva Petroleum has also played its part as a good corporate citizen by responding to the decline of oil prices in the global market.

The cost of a barrel of crude oil has significantly declined from US$60 to as low as US$30 per barrel in the last one and half years and Zuva’s response to this was a reduction of their retail prices from an average price of US$1,38 and US$1,52 in June 2015 to US$1,04 and US$1,25 for diesel and petrol respectively at the beginning of March this year.

The market and the public at large will not only get affordable and competitive products from Zuva but will access these at a convenience through the Zuva Fuel Card and Coupon.

Zuva Petroleum is definitely providing energy every day to the nation.

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