Zimbabwe development riles detractors Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa

Herald Reporter

ATTEMPTS to soil the image of the Second Republic through concocted tales of corruption to rescue floundering opposition parties are destined to fail as the country, under the leadership of Zanu PF is on the cusp of reaching its set targets, Zanu PF spokesperson Cde Chris Mutsvangwa said.

In a terse response to unfounded allegations from some opposition corners and Government critics that gold is being looted from Zimbabwe, Cde Mutsvangwa said the fact that the mining sector is on an unprecedented growth has trajectory miffed detractors.

“At $2 billion, the detractors are miffed by the run-away growth of the Zimbabwe gold sector. Two-thirds of it is driven by the SME sector, a fledgling initiative of a mere decade since it was legalized. It now supports over a million strong mining players. Their prosperity assured by global parity pricing and hard currency, payment of their gold product.

“The same gold has pin-pricked the balloon of Zimbabwean dollar inflation. The gold coin Mosi-oa- Tunya is now the reference point of the trading of foreign exchange. The hard currency market has since jettisoned the fungible Old Mutual stock derivative of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. 

“The duet of the two fiat monetary units of Old Mutual Implied Rate of Exchange and US dollar of Federal Reserve Bank no longer run rooster in Zimbabwe,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

There have been unfounded claims that gold from Zimbabwe is smuggled out of the country, albeit with little or no evidence to back those claims.

“The utterly frivolous allegations of looting exist only in the sulking and fertile fantasies of the ilk of David Coltart and Hopewell Chin’ono. The rank and file citizenry are contented with the sterling work of EDworks and the Second Republic. 

“They will not wash with the electorate. They will die with a whimper. They definitely will not help the fortunes of a comatose CCC in the impending National Harmonised Election,” said Cde Mutsvangwa adding it’s a “desultory pursuit of the regime change agenda”.

“The legion of inveterate doomsayers are being forced to eat humble as the goodwill well-wishers marvel and applaud the new phenomenon of economic revival and growth that herald tantalising prospects of prosperity”.

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