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Reckson Mandizvidza Entertainment Reporter
Zimbabwe Music Awards organisers have embarked on consultative workshops as part of their comeback roadmap.
The first workshop will be held at Zimbabwe College of Music in Harare today with the second one slated for Bulawayo.The workshops, which are meant to bring relevant stakeholders in the music sector to explore issues pertinent to the awards, will see artists, the media and other stakeholders converging first in Harare and then in Bulawayo to come up with working solutions and a way forward.

ZIMA marketing and communications executive Farai Chapoterera said the workshops, which will be attended by various stakeholders, are aimed at looking into all the issues pertaining to adjudication and selection procedures.

The workshops will host guests such as Cutting Edge South Africa managing director, Michelle Fernandes, who has overseen events such as South African Music Awards, Namibian Music Awards, South African Sports Awards, Royal Soapie Awards amongst others as well as Thandiwe Zulu Vundamina, a producer who has also made the  likes of Zambian Music Awards possible.

Chapoterera said the involvement of such people who have seen it all as far as national awards are concerned is meant to help the Zimbabwean version move forward by getting a few notes from them.

“The involvement of such people as Fernandes is not meant to replicate the SAMAs or any other awards but we are saying such people have been in almost a similar position as we are in right now and we would definitely learn a thing or two from them, she said.

“We have invited a number of people who have a lot to say in the music industry and we look forward to interesting and progressive workshops and that issues that will help in the holding of a successful event will be raised and fully tackled.

“Some of the issues to be tackled include those of adjudication as well as the selection procedures.”

After today’s workshop in Harare the ZIMA team goes to Bulawayo where another event one of the same calibre will be held tomorrow.

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