‘Zim Greatest Talent’ search begins

‘Zim Greatest Talent’ search begins Moses Matanda
Moses Matanda

Moses Matanda

Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
As we enter into the New Year, a new talent search-show is set to kick-start this year. The show will run under the name “Zimbabwe Greatest Talent” and will see dancers, musicians, actors, magicians among others taking part.

Registration for the show begins today.

In an interview, director of the programme who is a renowned film producer and director Moses Matanda said the talent search show is set to unearth raw talent across Zimbabwe.

“There is a lot of untapped talent in Zimbabwe, it could be in the cities or rural area and this includes ball juggling, acting, dance, inventing, singing, or magic tricks,” he said.

He said they are set to move across Zimbabwe looking for the talent as the New Year begins.

“For a very small entry fee mainly for documentation, we are going to go around the country looking for the best talent in different categories,” he said.

Matanda also highlighted that their talent search show will be different from others since it will have more than one winner.

“Everyone is a winner for your idea might be picked for use in our next major movie in Zimbabwe, the show will identify talent and reward it accordingly because our aim is to get people who are creative to be seen out there and give them an opportunity to live on their talent,

“In the beginning God created heaven and earth, to begin anything worthy in life one has to create something like God did.

“Zimbabweans are very talented people and have hidden creative minds and our talent search is going to unveil this creativity and put it to work.” he added.

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