Zhakata tops Coca Cola Radio Zim Top 50

0301-1-1-ZHAKATASophie Chese-Msowa Arts Correspondent —
Zora music boss Leornad Karikoga Zhakata emerged the biggest winner of the Coca Cola Radio Zimbabwe top 50 when three of his songs scooped the first, second and third prizes.

On first prize was “Madam Boss” which featured Suluman Chimbetu and Progress Chipfumo with 104 046 votes followed by “Zvine Mwaka” with 89 663 votes and “Moyo Wekutenda” came third with 62 272 votes.

Alick Macheso’s three songs “Gungwa”, “Wandirangaridza” and “Mude Mude” took fourth, fifth and sixth positions.

However, Zhakata’s victory was received with mixed feelings after some people thought all of his songs did not deserve to top the charts saying Jah Prayzah’s “Mudhara Vachauya” and Macheso’s “Gungwa” were in a position to win the biggest prize.

Some of the people who talked to this publication said they think that Zhakata, who is now a pastor with the UFIC, won because the votes came from the UFIC congregants.

“It came as a shock to hear that Zhakata has scooped the first, second and third prizes in the top 50, I feel that Macheso’s Gungwa was in a better position to win since it was given more airplay compared to Zhakata’s “Madam Boss”.

“Since he is now a man of God at UFIC, I am sure it is people from the church that voted for him,” said one person who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, some people feel that the Zora Boss did his best on his latest album and he deserved to win.

Some argued that it is irrelevant to say that the votes came from UFIC people, saying the church has a number of musicians who could have also won if it is only UFIC people who voted.

“How many musicians go to UFIC? Talk of Minister Mahendere among others, they could also have won. The fact is Zhakata’s music appeals to a different audience and these might be people who listen to Radio Zimbabwe.

“If you have been listening to Radio Zimbabwe you will agree with me that Zhakata’s music was being played throughout the year hence people who listen to that station received his music and voted for him,” said one Farirai Mashingaidze from Chitungwiza.

Some people believe that Radio Zimbabwe has its unique

listenership who are loyal to the station and participate in the station’s programmes like Coca Cola Top 50 unlike many people who just play music from CDs at parties while they do not listen to the radio.

“It is funny that people who are complaining about Zhakata’s victory are people who just play music from CDs at parties, bars etc and they do not have time to listen to any radio station, meaning they do not vote for their favourite artiste,” said Mufaro Ndara from Budiriro.

Leonard Zhakata through his manager Ben Zhakata said he believes his fans voted for him not UFIC people.

“Who met anyone from my church voting for me, I do not want to say much but what I know and believe is Zora fans voted for me,” he said.

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