Youth releases singles based on ghetto life

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Youth releases singles based on ghetto life Desire Chikafu

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A 23-year-old musician Desire Chikafu affectionately known as Mandizzy Mavylent has said the showbiz sector is not a walk in the park if you don’t have the right network and finances to market yourself.

The Waterfalls based lad made the revelations recently after releasing singles which he said were inspired by societal settings.

In an interview with Youth Interactive Section, Mandizzy Mavylent said was penetrating the market slowly and happy with how his music is appreciated in the community.

“I have several singles that I have released since 2018, so far which talks about the ghetto lifestyle.

The songs were inspired by what I see, hear and sometimes heard from my peers. I don’t have any album so far,” he said.

“The reason is I have been finding it difficult to penetrate the industry because sometimes we are left outside by promoters as they rush to the established artistes but they are forgetting that we also require equal share, to showcase our talent.”

Mandizzy Mavylent said the songs talk of our dreams and serve as a solution to the community.

He also boasted that he has collaborated with hiphop stars Ti-Gonzi and Bontoman.

“I started singing in 2018 and was inspired by Dadza D. Growing up, I have been listening to his songs and he gave me the zeal to try music. I am also a reggae and dancehall fanatic. I am still a big fan of the late Tongai Moyo and John Chibadura,” he said.

Asked who his role model was, the talented musician said a lot of people inspires him. He cited some of the problems that he was facing.

“I face many problems in my life and there are a lot of people who made me who I am. I sing dancehall not Zimdancehall because there is nothing like Zimdancehall. I am good at hip-hop too. Right now I am facing financial challenges because I don’t have a promoter or manager who can assist me. It is hard to get money for recording and marketing. I am also lacking airplay on local radio stations, sometimes we are sabotaged in studios and at shows. I want to give thanks to my brother, Boi Tiffa, also my producer and JMP,” he said.

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