Women in outstanding achievements

Women in outstanding achievements Mai Rebecca Chisamba
Mai Rebecca Chisamba

Mai Rebecca Chisamba

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Lifestyle Writer
They say if you educate a woman you have educated the whole nation.

And that if you have women as part of your team then your chances of failing are slim.

With March being the Month of Women and celebrated internationally after it came into being following the International Women’s Day which is observed during this month annually, the aforementioned quotes become very difficult to ignore.

The world over, women have made huge strides in the various sectors of life and the economy where they serve in various capacities.

In sport, talk of the tennis-playing sisters of Venus and Serena Williams who have become world champions and multi-millionaires through the sport.

They have turned into celebrated icons, racking ‘big bucks’ in form of endorsements and other related stuff.

Angela Merkel also proved that she can be a powerful and competent politician among the male heavyweights around the globe, a force to reckon with, gifted with an astute mind to lead at national and international level and not confined to the kitchen and bedroom.

Oprah Winfrey, the US talk show hostess, has also inspired and transformed the lives of both men and women.

She is vibrant, articulate, forceful, loving, caring and level-headed.

Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan

It was also a great feeling to have the month of Women seeing numerous women who have stood out tall by making great contributions to their organisations,society and country being honoured in Zimbabwe, our local turf, recently.

These are the Zimbabwean women who made sure that they rose from being mere ‘doorstep mats’ to leaders in their various sectors.

The women of steel were honoured at the Women’s Leadership Awards held in Harare recently.

Who could miss the beaming smiles of the likes of popular television talk show host, Mai Rebecca Chisamba, Gweru businesswoman and philanthropist, Dr Smelly Dube, Member of Parliament, Prisca Mupfumira, Herald Managing Editor Victoria Ruzvidzo and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Deputy Governor Dr Charity Dhliwayo among others?

Such awards not only promote women but also inspire others to excel in their respective fields fully knowing that some people out there are following their progress.

It is encouraging to note that former model Lisa Morgan Makina who has since diversified into business, was also one of the winners.

By this, Lisa has set a standard, a precedence for other models to follow – that they should have a cushion to fall back on times when the modelling ramp is no longer paying for them.

As for the politicians who walked away with honours on the awards ceremony, this of course means one thing, that they can be equally good as their menfolk only if they given the time and opportunities that they deserve.

Minister Miriam Chikukwa was also among the politicians and befittingly, the awards were held in the domain that she leads, Harare Metropolitan Province of which she is the Resident Minister.

While it is good to celebrate the achievements and works of big names from other countries, it also good makes a lot of sense to also honour our own heroines who are doing so much for their nation.

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