Women demand equal representation

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Talent Chimutambgi and Wellington Dengu
Women under the auspices of Zimbabwe Gender Commission has implored Government to come up with a master plan to ensure that they are included in key decision making positions in line with the international gender protocols. Speaking during a breakfast meeting held in Harare to mark International Women’s Day, Gender Commissioner Mrs Tsungirirai Hungwe Chimbunde agitated for equal representation during the national dialogue which has been called on by President Mnangangwa.

“As calls for national dialogue and conflict resolution increase, there is need to balance the voices of those who will participate.
“If women remain few, their voices will not be heard in the analysis of key challenges, yet we know that women remain key targets of any forms of attacks,” she said.

She challenged women to take part in the politics of the day, insisting President Mnangagwa’s administration has ushered in democracy which women should take advantage of.

“They (women) have to show interest by joining political parties of their choice and this will increase their chances of being elected to key posts in Government since the new dispensation has ushered in democracy and freedom of expression,” she said.

This year’s global theme was “Balance for Better”, which underpins the work on gender equality as it advocates working towards a more balanced equitable society.

She said this year’s celebrations were unique as they gave all women space to reflect on the achievements on gender equality.
“This year’s International Women’s Day provides an opportunity for us to network and reflect on how to accelerate the achievements of gender equality and the realisation of women’s rights in Zimbabwe”.

She said Vision 2030 would not be a success without women participation.
“Women should equally be represented and participate in key national issues. The vision of middle income economy in 2030 may not be realised as long as gender imbalances remain.”

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