Manicaland Correspondent
Civic organisations have urged women to increase their participation in politics to ensure they have more representation in Parliament and Government.

Speaking at a workshop in Mutare on Tuesday, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe chairperson Mrs Selina Marevangepo said there was need increase awareness of the women’s quota system which provides for the reservation of 60 seats in the National Assembly for women.

“There is need for us to have better representation in the Government so that our voices will be heard. We want more women in the Parliament who are directly elected to have a bigger number,” said Mrs Marevangepo.

“As women we have power to act in the Government and we are aiming that in 2023 election there should be equal participation between men and women.”

She said political participation by women had improved in last year’s harmonised elections to 1 822 from 900 in 2013.

Mrs Marevangepo said Zimbabwe had not yet reached the 33 percent quota and was currently at 31,5 percent, adding that there were many women capable of participating in governance issues who needed to be considered.

“Those representatives are urged to cater for needs of other women especially on issues to do with sanitary wear,” she said.

“We need competent women in the Government and men should also be engaged to advocate for women as well. Women’s participation must be increased not only in Government but also in the society and churches.”

Mrs Marevangepo said Parliament must protect the Constitution, including the rights of women.


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