Woman slices ex-hubby’s buttocks with razor blade

Woman slices ex-hubby’s  buttocks with razor blade

Court Reporter
A jilted woman broke into her ex-husband’s bedroom and sliced his buttocks with a razor blade while he was asleep, the Harare Civil Court heard yesterday.

Leonard Shumbaimwe claimed Nyaradzo Mahembe was always threatening to kill him with a razor blade each time she visited his house.

Shumbaimwe was seeking a protection order against Mahembe whom he was accusing of breaching his peace.

“This woman is violent. I got seriously injured after she broke into my bedroom and sliced my buttocks (with a razor blade) while I was asleep,” he said.

Shumbaimwe told magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that Mahembe was also in the habit of verbally and physically abusing him even at his workplace.

“She follows me to my workplace insulting me all the way and at times she physically abuses me in front of my workmates. This is embarrassing me,” said Shumbaimwe.

He told the court that Mahembe was making his life horrible through her violent behaviour.

“I can’t even sleep at night because she is always threatening to attack and kill me with a razor blade,” he said.

Shumbaimwe claimed Mahembe once destroyed his company car at the height of a misunderstanding.

Mahembe denied the allegations that were being levelled against her by Shumbaimwe and accused him of not maintaining their minor children.

“I only go to his house to ask for money to buy food for the children only because he is neglecting them,” she said.

Mahembe claimed Shumbaimwe was trying to avoid her because she is HIV positive.

Ms Kamangira granted the order in Shumbaimwe’s favour which barred Mahembe from verbally or physically abusing him.

She ordered Mahembe to keep peace towards Shumbaimwe at all times.

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