Winky D manager quits civil service

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Winky D manager quits civil service Jonathan Banda

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike Senior Arts Manager
Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda has left his job as director of disability affairs in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, The Herald Arts can reveal.

Elder Banda, as he is referred to in music circles, relinquished his civil service duties recently, amid reports of clashing interests between his music management roles and the ministry’s work.

The Vigilant Band manager has since reportedly tendered a resignation letter to the ministry. An official from the ministry confirmed the development, but could not give details.

Although he could not shed much light into his soaring relationship with his former employer, Banda confirmed the resignation.

“I have since left the post in the ministry,” he said.

Asked to give details, Banda said some of the issues had to do with national security. “Remember, I used to hold a high office within the ministry and some of the portfolios I held had things to do with national security and cannot be publicly discussed,” he said.

Turning to his music plans, Banda said he will be travelling to South Africa with Winky D on the first week of October for two shows despite xenophobia attacks, which have been going on.

The Vigilant Band manager said they will be sharing the stage with Gemma Griffiths on October 4 in Johannesburg before staging another show with Jah Child and Freeman on the following day.

“The promoter of the show has an obligation to make sure that the show will be a success and as professionals we cannot not cancel an agreement based on things that we have not experienced.

“From the conversations we are having with the promoter, everything is fine. They have given us assurance that they will be taking care of everything. We respect that since it is his obligation and responsibility to make sure that we have information regarding the show.

“But he has made an assurance since he has the ear on the ground and the promoter would have raised a red flag if there was danger,” said Banda.

According to the show organisers -Grand Timeless Brands (GTB)- Winky D and Gemma Griffiths will be supported by MC Merciless, Anna Honde, Backspin, Charlieban, Kay Swagga and Virgo. The show has been dubbed Summer Garden.

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