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Why Davido should marry Zodwa Wabantu

09 Dec, 2017 - 00:12 0 Views
Why Davido should marry Zodwa Wabantu Davido

The Herald



Robert Mukondiwa
There is a serious problem with Nigerian musician Davido when it comes to his Zimbabwean music safari; he always withdraws before he comes! Having promised he would slot in a show for his Zimbabwean fans on November 25 after missing out on Jah Prayzah’s album launch for “Kutonga Kwaro” for understandable reasons, Davido was nowhere to be seen on November 25.

Some said he had made way for the eventually aborted Teckno show that had kicked the life out of 2 Kings Entertainment and their concert while others preferred to just speculate on the reasons behind the no-show.

To their credit, 2 Kings Entertainment had made it known that Davido would be coming eventually on December 1. He didn’t come. And 2 Kings found a little hole in the ground and burrowed in like field mice; they were not seen or heard from again to further tell the fans when Davido would eventually not withdraw before coming.

Tich “Ndochi” Mharadze gave a date and when asked whether to print that date as the new day of the show he had one word; “wait!” His vocabulary has run terribly dry he can only muster one word at a time. Even “Ndochi” has been left dancing “ndochi” by the elusive Davido!

It’s quite a bit of a mess. Tich Mharadze, when reached for a comment, decided it was best to leave speculation on a new date to the gods. Like the three kings of orient in the Bible, Tich and Dee Nosh will probably be looking into the sky over the next few days to see a sign of when King Davido will finally come and if he will do so in a manger.

But Davido has a spouse. The vixen from the south, Zodwa Wabantu, disappeared faster than her underwear when an emissary was sent to collect her from her Durban base for what would have been two shows in Harare and Bulawayo on December 7 and 8 respectively that would have quenched the voyeur’s thirst.

She slipped away and was never seen despite a spirited search for her and the organisers are rightfully livid. From the much defended woman of a hustle who got many fans after Anne Nhira targeted her, Zodwa the fraud has attracted the ire of even those who defended her.

She was double booked and instead decided to attend the launch of the single “Bheja”, a collaboration between her and fellow Durban artiste DJ CNDO. Because they do not turn up, perhaps Zodwa Wabantu and Davido can start a family and raise little dishonest babies in their cosy little home.

In her response to this reporter about not coming to Zimbabwe for the umpteenth time, Zodwa pulled the “I was banned card” again, saying she may have lost the respect of the people but she does not eat respect.

“It’s not like that, as I was banned same politics (sic). You don’t know what you talking about. For respect, I don’t eat.”

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