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What makes people want to spend hours clicking on one site scrolling through tonnes of comments all day without breaking a sweat?

Why don’t they pick up a thesis instead? Well, certainly blogging has helped reshape the way in which people tend to use their spare time, research, connect with people and attract groups of like-minded individuals.

While several media outlets are found at the tip of people’s fingers, blogs are increasingly becoming popular amongst readers and large companies who are using them in marketing their brand and everyday Joes who find time in between office hours.

Either way blogging has become a great way to spread information and connect with people in more ways than you may realise.

To begin with, blogging is a great way to network with other people. Whether you are the one sitting behind the keyboard or scrolling through the popular posts section on the websites, meeting other people is a huge part of the blogging experience.

Several blogs give access to users which allow them to make direct contact with the authors of the blogs, usually via email.

You might meet investors, people willing to donate for your cause, genuine fans and critics who may have stumbled upon your work.

Either way, you get to hear the opinions of others either as an author, or one of the people scrolling through the comment section.

While browsing through a blog, you encounter a lot of different thoughts and opinions which can really shape the way you see things.

People have become drawn to these sites because now they have a means to know that they are not the only ones that feel a particular way and more importantly share with other people their already know either in real life or on social media. Diversity in thought is just one of the many intriguing things you will meet on these site

One key aspect that we cannot ignore is that information on blogs is a lot easier to process. The thing about blogs that really hooks people onto their sites is their language.

It’s different from the business article in the Sunday paper which people read while picturing a news presenter sitting behind a news desk. It’s a lot easier to swallow because it is devoid of all the mainstream restrictions and seriousness.

It is a place where you can unwind and immerse yourself in rudely clever undertones and hilarious well-put phrases.

You never have to worry your head beginning to nod in between clicks or being tempted to click the little red “X” at the corner of your screen. In fact, many blogs have adopted this light-hearted style of writing to attract more readerships. While you may browse heavy content when you are trying to have your own start-up, blogs are something you can read on the bus-ride home or tap the shoulder of the person sitting next to you and show them a hilarious GIF or an intriguing comment left on the site.

It is for this reason that blogs are becoming increasingly popular and a delight to members of the online community.

Blogs are also a great way to attract like-minded people. Many blogs nowadays are theme-centred, spanning a wide assortment of interesting topics be it tech, sports, politics, news – you name it.

That means that slowly but surely you build a small community of people who share the same likes, interests and concerns of the blogger; people who empathise with certain issues and possibly, people who are willing to work together for a particular cause.

Nevertheless, putting a group of like-minded people together in one place is a great way to spark critical comments about serious or leisurely issues and even receive ideas about how to develop either in your field of interest or your brand which you are currently marketing.

In simple terms, blogs get people talking. They gain traffic on controversial or trending topics and since many people have tended to adopt popular culture nowadays, it has done a great deal towards making blogs extremely popular and attract a wide base for users.

Lastly, blogs are a great way or conducting research. Like I mentioned earlier, information on blogs is a lot easier to process.

Since blogs span through everything from boyfriend problems to global news headlines, you can easily comb through the numerous content for whatever purpose you might need it for. You might need to write up a citation for your college paper or look for content to present as an invited guest on social awareness at your child’s school.

Blogs help you cruise through information with their readability and help you get the job done effectively.

This is only but one of the many reasons why blogs have become popular today. While you may want to read one or write one, be rest assured that it is a great way to spread information and amass keen readers without them ever feeling the need to rest your head on a pillow in between every page turn.

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