What I need as a girl child

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What I need as a girl child It is important that girls and women are empowered through supporting them to gain skills and knowledge they need to earn a living and not be dependent on men.

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Laura Toto, (18)

There’s a sore thumb in our society that has been sticking out and throbbing for generations, that is the neglect and mistreatment of the girl child. A topic that has been unrightfully desensitized and given mediocre regard in previous decades.

From birth the very nature of the existence of the girl child is fight or flight, her wants and needs are more often than not; weighed against the bare minimum of survival. It’s either she gets married to have shelter or she claws herself through education only to be marginalised in the corporate world.

I need good Education

As a girl child one of my most essential needs is  my right to education being observed. Statistical data presented by the United Nations for UNICEF, the 11th of October 2021 on International Day of The Girl Child shows an estimated 130 million girls of primary and lower secondary age are not attending school annually the world over!

It is the responsibility of the state, corporate, society and grouped communities to insure that the mandate of securing the intentional good future of the girl child is seen through. By providing necessary materials, ample information and last but certainly not least, equal access to beneficial  opportunities – Educated girls make informed decisions and are an asset to society.  Sacrificing the girl child to appease the demon of poverty and inflate the waterless ego of un-evolved cultural practices is primitive.

I am, like any child very vulnerable, protect me! To be protected against predators is vital in nurturing a child of whatever gender. In focus is the girl child who’s physical and biological make up in a non-conducive environment is generally unlikely to be sturdy enough to be able to fend off volatile rapists, molesters and paedophiles, of larger build and strength.

I am secured when the authorities surrounding me normalise observing and urging principles that instil courteousness towards the girl child followed up by harsher measures to mitigate unresponsive and notorious perpetrators of abuse and violence towards girls.To create a society where malicious intentions are quickly identified and extinguished and are not swept under the rug.

I need access to healthcare an wellness

Inadequate health care is an obvious area of alarming concern.

Breast cancer screening, Gynaecological check in’s, mental health and reproductive health education are neglected feminine hygiene needs of the girl child due to the misconception surrounding her body and how it must be catered for and in turn the girl child is left to suffer in silence and risks her life on a daily basis.

I need to be given the freedom to accept my body as it was made, to receive assistance in the case of my wellbeing being in danger without prejudice, to be supported and understood and the right to refuse any uncalled for action towards my body or mutilation of my body.

I need a safe and non-stereotypical community  to help me stand for myself

Safeguarding her life is not only a judicial or physical act of defending but is also very dependent on making available positive and principled role models and mentors through  awareness campaigns and involving the communities in understanding why it is so crucial to protect their daughters, sisters and nieces.  When I have someone with a good character whom I have access to their values, ethics and morals and a supportive community around me I am less susceptible to violence, coercion and abuse through unity in safe spaces and with improved critical thinking skills.

I need safe spaces where I can learn and be heard.

I need to be merited equal opportunity for whatever skills I have

The girl child who is often provided a midget list of options of endeavours she is “allowed” to have in pursuing her life’s potential. Her glory days are then numbered not in accordance to her individual strengths and weaknesses as a person but instead left to whatever pre-established biased generic blanket of abilities girls are “supposed” to do. This leads to children getting sold into slavery, because surely I do not believe any union with a minor or even an unwilling human being should ever be considered a marriage!

I need to be awarded opportunities for my efforts and skills and my being a female must not be a deciding factor as to whether I deserve to benefit or not. I can play sports, be involved in the arts, drive heavy vehicles, fly space shuttles, mine minerals and oil and even take up numerically challenging tasks like the Nubian women of ancient Egypt did. Why retard when we’ve evolved past the Anno Domini?

I must be granted the opportunity to try and fail if I may and not to be side-lined by reason of loins.

Being a girl child in today’s world means taking a risk with your own life trying to climb up the food chain with zero training to survive in the jungle – it’s left to chance, if you’re lucky enough to channel your instinctive grit you may make it through the bottle neck, but you will lose limbs in the midst of it.

In making my NEEDS known I speak for a vast majority of the demographic of young girls, the ones who’s individual voices are not loud enough.

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