Visual artist bridges  cultural gap

ArtTawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Inspired by his grandfather, young and upcoming visual artist Troy Makaza held his first solo exhibition at First Floor gallery in Harare on Thursday evening.

Themed “Bound Together” the exhibition was aimed to bridging generational gaps through the use of art.

“The last memory of my grandfather was of him telling me folklore, but then I did not see its relevance because I was more fascinated by western fairytale cartoons from books and television,” Makaza said.

After the death of his grandfather Makaza felt that an important cultural link had been lost leaving him with a blurry image of his roots.

He said that the society that surrounds him has made him see some aspects of life that needs to be revisited especially to the youths in this generation who need to be reminded of where they came from.

“There are no people without their own traditions and most youths need to be reminded of that,” Makaza said.

“If people are not practicing their own tradition it means they are following after other traditions which has to be corrected so that they put faith in their own heritage,” He added.

The sophisticated artist showcased several art pieces made from animal hides, papers, plastics and silicone paints.

He said that the use of modern and ancient materials as well as ethnic colours creates a dialogue in generational gaps.

Makaza also wishes to see the hides from animal skins that were worn as clothing in ancient times being modernised so that they can merge with the current fashion trends that are appreciated in this generation.

He said that artists need to create more records that may be referred to using different art forms as a way of safeguarding our heritage as proud Africans.

Holding a successful solo exhibition the young man felt that there is more that need to be done by artists to promote their work so that they get appreciation from the outside world.

Artists need to research more on cultural backgrounds so that they bring out work which is relevant to our generation for it is the role of our people to transform information about who they are to future generations.

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