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‘Use lockdown to unlock personal development’

01 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
‘Use lockdown to unlock  personal development’ Charles Mungoshi (Junior)

The Herald

Senior Arts Reporter

Author and motivational speaker Charles Mungoshi (Junior) has launched an online programme to educate people on the need to use Covid-19-induced lockdown to develop their careers in various facets.

The course, which will be mainly on social media running under the theme, “School of Positivity” was designed last month with 40 people registered so far.

In an interview, Mungoshi said people have been complaining about the lockdown instead of using the time to develop themselves and learn more about their careers.

“There have been online entertainment sessions happening to ease tension and I salute the artistes taking part. However, people need to be reminded to stay positive and be told that there is hope in this dark era. Most of the challenges people face are because of the way they see things with negativity,” said Mungoshi.

“Many Zimbabweans have been mentally directed to think along political lines, but I want them to know that there are many facets of life that can be developed in this era of Covid-19 lockdown. There are many ideas that can be explored in this era and people should not be idle in lockdown. They should work to develop themselves and their careers in a positive way.”

“Books have always played a positive role in developing characters and I encourage people to continue reading online even if they do not have access to physical books. We used to have various shows to mentor people before the outbreak of coronavirus and I believe we should continue with such lessons and that is why we have launched the online programme. We want people to continue developing themselves intellectually so that they come out of the lockdown with more information on various facets of their lives.”

Mungoshi is hosting the first online sessions and he hopes to work with reputable speakers who will share various motivational ideas with his followers.

“I do it at home and connect with those registered from their comfort of their homes. We will assess the situation with time on how best we can engage reputable captains of industry,” he said.

He wants to share some ideas from his book The Money Mindset that was published in December last year and also wants other speakers to use the platform to share their ideas on various subjects.

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