US interference in Zim polls uncalled for US President Joe Biden

Masimba Mavaza Correspondent

There is a doctrine of sovereignty of nations enshrined in the United Nations Convention.

This entails that all states, regardless of their economy, are the same.

Sovereignty has nothing to do with power or size; each country must rule itself without interference from another nation.

The UN promotes world order. The  violation of sovereignty infringes on the world order.

America’s practices are on the contrary riding on American exceptionalism, which means she lays rules for others, but exempts herself from the same regulations.

America signs conventions and expect other nations to abide by them.

The US enforces international rules by brute force but will never lift a finger to respect the same regulations it mercilessly enforces on other countries.

We never forget that America promotes the international court of justice which the country did not sign up to and is not bound by.

Americans enforce rules which they are exempted from.

The US exceptionalism is practically saying, “do as I say and not as  I do.”

The American embassy in Zimbabwe tweeted a poster on Zimbabwean elections purporting to be promoting peace, yet on the post there are people using the slogan of the opposition CCC.

When another state interferes, the interests of the other state are trampled upon.

But if there are challenges, they are dealt with democratically. This is resolved through democratic protocols. This is not done through changing governments.

America wants to change the Government in Zimbabwe by interfering in the electoral process.

If friends do not agree, there is no need to influence children to revolt against their own father.

By tweeting a poster on Zimbabwe’s elections, America is interfering with the internal operations of a sovereign state. What America is doing is undemocratic and  barbaric.

It underlines disrespect. The US will never do it in Europe or Japan;  America  will never comment about elections in any other country except in Africa.

Why do it in Africa?

America determines who rules and calls it American interest abroad.

This is a modern term to say America imposes itself abroad. Who has interest in Washington? This is the situation they want to prevail in Zimbabwe—interference.

Americans are behaving like this because they believe Zimbabwe is their sphere of interest.

This is equivalent to house arrest. We are free but detained in our homes and our lands.

We have a superpower which is poking its nose on our sovereign activities.

It is like calling independent countries Anglo Saxon countries.

This is done in Africa and never in India or Pakistan.

Africans are not free, that is why America has no shame and shamelessly tweeted that post; it was disrespectful.

This tale is about sanctions which are disguised as coming to engineer democracy.

Sanctions were engineered to enhance  regime change. The US is interested in regime change.

The CCC has a big problem. It is not going to the election ballot box as a party. There is America in the ballot box. If you vote CCC you will be voting for America.

The US wants to control the incoming government. How will we disengage ourselves from them?

They may create some jobs and stabilise and make us happy slaves.

They will put US$4 billion in Zimbabwe but will take US$300 billion out. In the long term, they will put US$10 billion and run away with a trillion.

The US is interfering in Zimbabwe’s business.

The American ambassador should be engaged officially.

This is a violation of diplomatic protocol, interfering in the affairs of a sovereign nation and must not be allowed to prevail any longer.

The embassy must behave under certain protocols.

Diplomats representing American interests have jumped the gun in that they go beyond domestic interest.

If there is a feeling of being treated badly we should deal with this in diplomatic protocols. Diplomats must not act as activists for opposition.

Election issues are domestic issues and need no interference.

It is easy to stand on a high profile platform when America is doing the same to other countries.

They recently accused South Africa  of selling weapons to Russia. How can a country sell weapons to a super power?

America is a bully interfering in the business of a small country, Zimbabwe.

For a long time we have been saying the sanctions by America have everything to do with installation of puppets.

We have always said CCC and its predecessors are puppets of America. Things are coming out now, we all know that America strikes a dog while hiding the stick.

There is a story of one lawyer in the magistrates court of Masvingo. For him to gain courage he would go to the toilet and smoke cannabis.

So he would smoke while in the toilet and go outside to see if there was anyone coming.

But a time will come when the cowardly magistrate will get so high that he will smoke from the outside and expose himself.

America used to smoke inside the toilet while checking the outside. Now they are smoking their cannabis outside and check the toilet.

America is now shameless. It no longer hides, so it tweets its mischief.

There is a larger streak on how Americans use the blacks. America enslaves you while you are in your own country. America will not behave like this to any European  country.

Americans trade with countries that are rogue but dictate to others who to enter into business with.

They can never post on Twitter about a European country the same way they do about Zimbabwe.

It is now clear who is calling the tune.

The CCC will not be in the ballot box. Where people see CCC it will be American government and its Western allies.

We must choose real parties not proxies.

It is wrong for America or any other  country to interfere in the electoral process of Zimbabwe. It is wrong to determine who goes into office and who must be removed.

How is it democratic to have a man in America deciding on who represents us in Tsholotsho and Chikwaka?

When America advances principles of democracy and enforce rules on Africans, they are saying blacks are not human.

The interference in Zimbabwe’s electoral process is disrespectful and an act of cowardice.

Zimbabwe must be allowed to run its own electoral process without the influence of the American embassy which is targeted at undermining peace and tranquillity in Zimbabwe.

We say no to foreign interference;  it’s demonic and deeply depressing and flabbergasting.

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