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‘Urban Unplugged’ a thriller

16 Apr, 2013 - 22:04 0 Views
‘Urban Unplugged’ a thriller

The Herald

Pinned on the concept of bringing different voices on one stage and backed by one band, “Urban Unplugged” was the talk of the time and a place where beautiful people  go.
For once, the venue was full to the brims with fans spending most time on the dance floor rocking to the groovy beat.

There was never a dull moment as singer after singer put up an exhilarating performance from the days gone by to the latest hits.
From the outset, the gig had all the hallmarks of a thriller and set the right tone for the forthcoming series of “Urban Unplugged”.

First to hit the stage was Makhalima who is lovingly called Sanii by his adoring fans. The “Usadaro” hitmaker mesmerised the colourful audience with his great vocals and choice of songs.

It did not matter whether you were heartbroken or not, Sanii who was spotting a red shirt and a black pair of trousers churned out all the crowd favourites including the chart topper “Kubhaguja”, a love ditty currently doing the rounds.

In no time he switched to his danceable tunes including “Vulela” and others which sent the crowd on its feet.
Up next was Ngoni, another soulful singer, who like Sanii was one of the standard bearers of urban grooves.

In between his performance, Ngoni would throw some anecdotes and romantic tidbits the way the fans liked it.
Judging by his act you could tell he came prepared for the show and he kept on wowing the audience in an amazing fashion.

“I am not in the habit of wearing a tie and jacket, but today I did that because I belong on this stage and this is my workplace,” he said.
He looked good in his attire and here and there he fused his R&B with some rhumba music.

Each time he introduced a new song, fans went wild and he ended his act in style making way for Plaxedes who looked awesome in her short dress.
Fondly called Queen of Ballad by her followers, Plaxedes oozed with cool confidence and was the cherry on top.

She serenaded music lovers preferring to start on a slow tempo and then peaked somewhere in the middle of her act.
She had good control of the crowd and made her presence felt when she engaged fans to dance with her during her favourite moment of the show.

The audience got down to some serious dancing including her supportive mother who was part of the crowd. She also spiced her act with songs such as “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees and “True Love” by Busi Ncube.

The next episode of “Urban Unplugged” will feature some of the amazing voices in urban music as well as unheralded performing artistes.

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