UACI choir shines at Wency Mpostori’s DVD launch

UACI choir shines at Wency Mpostori’s DVD launch UACI choir on stage at 7Arts Theatre
UACI choir on stage at 7Arts Theatre

UACI choir on stage at 7Arts Theatre

Arts Correspondent
An acapela group from the Unity Apostolic Church International (UACI) over the weekend proved that they are the next big thing to happen in the entertainment circles after they performed at Wency Mpostori’s DVD launch at 7 Arts Theatre.

They shared the stage with Zimpraise which also did not disappoint.

In an interview, the chief executive officer of the choir, Emmanuel Mwale, said they were overwhelmed with the response the choir was receiving.

“We are very happy with the way we are being received and we are promising nothing but the best. We will not end here. We will continue to shine if God permits,” he said.

He added that the choir has incorporated people from different churches.

“This is not a project for our church only but we have some people from different denominations.

“We have a plan to have 100 members in the choir,” he said.

He said that was another way of talent search as they have plans to assist individuals within the camp to have their solo projects.

“We have some of our members who wish to have their solo projects and we will assist them,” said Mwale.

The group has one album, “Tsoka”, which has six tracks that encourage people to live according to God’s word. Songs that are on the album are “Vasikana”, “Kunamata”, “Tsoka”, “Munondichengeta”, “Mirai Neni” and “Tinoenda Kure”.

The songs have different beats that are all well arranged.

“We have managed to have an album with messages that appeal to all ages,” Mwale said.

For him practice is the only way to go as they wish to meet international standards.

Asked if they were not merely tracing the footsteps of choirs like ZimPraise and Xtreme Afrique that are making waves internationally, Mwale said their wish was to spread the word of God.

“We want people to hear the word through music and that was the reason why we established that choir,” he said.

In Zimbabwe several choral groups have managed to make their names abroad.

Groups such as Zimpraise headed by Joseph Madziire, Xtreme Afrique headed by Laiton Ngolomi, Chitungwiza Harmony Singers and CCAP Voice of Mbare among others have established followings beyond Zimbabwe.

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