Tsvangirai family salutes ED Morgan Tsvangirai

Leroy Dzenga Herald Correspondent
Late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s family has thanked President Mnangagwa for lending a helping hand during the former Prime Minister’s memorial service held last month. Government provided food, catering services, security and graded roads during the event.

In an interview, the Tsvangirai family spokesperson Mr Manase Tsvangirai, said his family was humbled by the gesture.
“We were organising to formally thank those who helped us, but that is when Vimbai (Tsvangirai-Java) had that horrific accident. Now that she is out of danger, I would like to personally thank President Mnangagwa for the assistance,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

In February 2018 at Morgan Tsvangirai’s burial, the family was left facing around $5 000 in fines after crowds had vandalised private property and stomped on fields.
At the memorial, Zimbabwe Republic Police managed the crowds.

“Government helped in ways that made the whole event less stressful. During the funeral we had issues with managing crowds, but at the memorial we had no incidences because of the security we were provided with. A lot of people came to be with us and feeding all of them was going to be a headache, if it was not for the intervention by Government. We would like to specifically thank Commissioner-General Matanga for deploying police officers to the memorial,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Tsvangirai family gave an update on the condition of Glen View South Legislator Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java, who was involved in an accident last month.

“The accident was horrific and she has been recovering well. The impact was intense and as a result the monitoring has to continue for a longer period. What we can tell people is that the worst is over and she is out of danger,” Mr Tsvangirai.

President Mnangagwa’s administration has been helping families of men and women who have held Government positions in their times of need. Most recently, Government assisted the late war veteran and national hero Dumiso Dabengwa during his ailment and also the family during his funeral after he was declared a national hero.

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