Through adversity to the stars

Through adversity to the stars Patience Jani
Patience Jani

Patience Jani

David’s story
Hailing from the rugged, dusty, terrains of Dzivarasekwa, the soft spoken, David Gomo who is only 19 years old scored an unassailable 18 points in his A’ Level science subjects (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Further Mathematics), while at Dzivaresekwa High 1 School, making him the best student overall at the school.

His reserve, slim body structure and the “professor-like” spectacles make him look more like an academic novice, but one phrase that escapes his lips, speaks volumes about the young man.

Having grown up under difficult conditions with no father and mother for the better part of his childhood, David learnt life the hard way.

The only shoulder that was available for him to lean on was his distant grandmother, whom he had barely known before his father died in 2009.

His mother passed on in 2003.

The trials and tribulations of a lonely childhood have moulded the young David into a man.

When his father passed away, in his own words, David said, “ . . . My world crumbled, as he was my strength, courage and friend . . .

“I had just finished my Grade Seven. Having spent the first week of my Form 1 at home as I had no source of funds to further my education, It was a miracle . . . from the blue, Mr Seppo Ainnamo director at Friends of Dzikwa Society approached me and offered me a chance at education,” said David.

David went on to register 8 As, a B and a Distinction in Computers in his O-Level exams. David has never looked back since and now he waits to get a place at the University of Zimbabwe. The young man added, “My dream is to partake in rebuilding our country and I want to do that as an engineer, one day,” he said.

Currently, David helps out at Friends of Dzikwa Society as a tutor. He is teaching the young orphans at Dzikwa Activity Centre.

Patience’s story

Whoever said “it’s a man’s world” might soon have to rephrase that notion, as the upcoming ladies of today have a passion for the academics.

For 20-year-old Patience Janhi, who registered 14 points in her November 2015, Zimsec A-Level examinations, life was not a bed of roses since she was orphaned at the tender age of 13.

Born in a family of three, her father died in 2003, while her mother passed on six years later. From there onwards, it was calamity after calamity as they lost their family home to their father’s senior wife, who then sold the house leaving Patience and her siblings homeless.

Attempts to reverse the sale of the home were futile, as the senior wife had a legal marriage certificate while Patience’s mother had only been married under the customary law.

By then Patience was already showing great progress in her school work.

Thanks to her close relatives who were at hand and Friends of Dzikwa Society who chipped in and assisted her, she went on to pass with flying colours in her O-Levels where she scored 3 As 5 Bs and a C.

Patience wants to become a lawyer, and hopes to make it to the University of Zimbabwe.

  • Friends of Dzikwa Society empowers orphans and vulnerable children in Dzivaresekwa and nationwide through a scholarship programme for education and general well-being, complemented by sports, arts and culture, as well as environmental awareness activities.

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