Tafadzwa Zimoyo Entertainment Reporter
Renowned filmmaker Von Tavaziva, who is the brains behind the action-packed movie “Go Chanaiwa Go”, has proven that Zimbabweans have what it takes to match international standards following the release of the sequel, “Go Chanaiwa Go Reloaded” two weeks ago.
Ever since the 90-minute movie hit the streets, there has been a lot of interest for the film.

According to Tavaziva who wrote, produced and directed the film, it took them a year to come up with the production.

“It took us a complete year because we didn’’t want to come up with a half-baked or sub-standard project. Another reason why it takes such a long time to produce a movie is mainly because of lack of sponsorship and we have to rely on the little available resources we make from the sales of our CDs on the streets.” said Tavaziva.

He added: “Selling our CDs on the streets is also another way of curbing piracy since people can access the original discs straight from us the originators.”

Tavaziva said it was because of their painstaking commitment to quality that their productions have found their way onto DSTV with one of their movies “S’mbimbinino” having started showing on Mzansi and Mwanzi Wethu television channels.

“This shows that they have confidence in us. They consider the effort and expertise that was put into the production and we are happy that some reputable television channels beyond our borders are taking note of the good work Zimbabweans are doing.

“We are hoping to take ‘Go Chanaiwa Go’ there because we have the standards they require,” Tavaziva said.

The affable filmmaker also commended ZTV, whom he described as a corporation that was “doing very well in trying to give exposure to local productions”.

“ZTV are doing a good job in trying to promote local productions and this helps in publicising the work we are doing to a wider audience because when we go around the country selling CDs, people would be informed about the productions.

“They (ZTV) are also considering the trailer to ‘Go Chanaiwa Go Reloaded’ for screening,” he said.

Chanaiwa said they were also set to spread their wings in other parts of the Sadc region.

“It is a good thing to go on DSTV, and we have already sent our productions to Malawi while in Zambia they are yet to consider taking us. So my advice to local filmmakers is that they should not sit and wait for sponsors to come and fund them, rather, they should desist from this game of finger-pointing and know that they are on their own. So they have to push to make things happen,” he said.

“Go Chanaiwa Go Reloaded” retains the lead character of Detective Chanaiwa (played by Tavaziva), a straight-as-an-arrow law-enforcement agent who is fighting two vicious gangs of ‘’dirty’’ criminals.

The first gang is led by The Don (Dizzy Don) who has no qualms whatsoever about getting rid of anyone who tries to stand in his way, while the other is led by Perry. These two ring-leaders lead the rival gangs who have their own issues to settle in the criminal underworld and Detective Chanaiwa is out to crush both of them.

The movie is set on various locations in Harare’s CBD, mines in Mazoe as well as some in South Africa courtesy of a South African actor only identified as Shubo, who also features in the production.

“Part 2 of the Reloaded series is coming soon and people should also watch out for S’mbimbinino Part 2.”

Tavaziva first made a mark with his comedy “41” in 2006 before deciding to try his skills in action movies in 2008 with the release of “Go Chanaiwa Go” Season 1 and 2.

In 2012, he then released “S’mbimbinino” before coming up “Go Chanaiwa Go Reloaded” owing to public demand.

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