The Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
Theme Verse:
In this year of a double portion God will do the impossible. God can reverse the irreversible, Ezekiel 37: 1-5.

He can change the unchangeable. What man says is impossible with God Almighty it becomes possible! Since we are getting closer to Easter, let me share with you how the whole story began.

In the book of Genesis chapter one, in the very beginning God created the heavens and the earth and verse two says, the earth was without form and void. God doesn’t create things that have no form.

That means something happened between verse one and verse two.

Then it says, the Spirit of the Lord was hovering upon the face of the deep.

When the Spirit of God arrives on the scene then God begins to do the impossible.

When the Spirit of God arrives, when the Holy Ghost comes, then you must know God is ready to change or reverse any situation.

Anything impossible become possible when the Spirit of God arrives on the scene! He is the Situation-changer!

Then God began to create and created everything. Finally verse 26 they sat down God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.

O I like it!

A situation is going to be reversed today. Something that was declared impossible is going to become possible.

You see, God created and they sat down and said let’s make man in our image; took clay and man in their image.

Finally they breathed the breath of life – thus a part of God is in you.

Whoever you are I want you to know, a part of the Most High God is in you. You are not inferior; you are not a nobody, O hallelujah!

After they had done this, the enemy, the devil knew something, he knew that God loves you; he knew that God loves man. But he also knew that God hated sin. Now this one that was created in His image; he was loved; and was give dominion.

Finally the enemy worked out a plan that if sin gets into this one who is loved, then he will not be loved.

What do you do when something you love is infected with something that you don’t love?

So sin came and the devil thought now this man is going to be crushed; he is going to be hated.

And God thought I love this man so much; what can I do? Now I cannot say I love him because things that I don’t love have also gotten into him.

This is where the Cross comes in; The Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So God planned and decided nobody would really solve the problem.

Of course first He killed a lamb; but lambs were killed all the times.

Finally he decided I personally I Am going to go down and be born like a man and He was born; Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

He grew up 30 years; He began to minister; He preached; He healed the sick; He cast out devils, but finally the time that He had come for arrived.

After three and half years He had to go up the Cross. Instead of you dying Jesus died in your place. The Cross of Jesus Christ represents a place where you and me were supposed to die; but because Jesus by choice went up the Cross.

He carried the curse; He carried your sins. Every curse has no right in your family.

Every curse is not allowed in your home because Jesus carried the curse. On the Cross of Calvary you turn and you look on the Cross; your sin will be bloated out.

And now in Ezekiel we see again the Spirit of God coming upon Ezekiel and He led him into a valley and in the valley there were bones, millions of bones — head bones; hands bones; legs; there were all there. And God said to Ezekiel, ‘Son of man can these bones live again” and Ezekiel said, ‘You know’. These bones were very dry.

Listen to me today; life can be very dry; life can be very difficult. Some of you if your hearts could be opened we could see things. But I want you to know; life when it’s dry the Holy Ghost has power to cause it to be soften – hardness of life, things, situations; when the Holy Ghost comes upon you dryness will depart, disappear and vanish. M

aybe you are going through hard times; dry times today can be your day; this hour can be your hour. God can reverse the irreversible just like at the Cross! For with God all things are possible! Mark 10:27

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