COOL RELOADED — NAMA: Get ready for CHIPAWO CHIPAWO children during rehearsals ahead of tonight’s show
CHIPAWO children during rehearsals ahead of tonight’s show

CHIPAWO children during rehearsals ahead of tonight’s show

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So the wait is over as the Ordinary Level results are out. And I bet the girls have dominated with highest grades. The majority of candidates for both Advanced and Ordinary Level 2015 did exceptionally well. CLS wishes you the best in your endeavours.

For those looking for Advanced Level places, the struggle is real but it is you who make it easy.

Remember this is where you determine your future, being a doctor, lawyer, architecture or engineer through selecting the right combination of subjects.

Do not forget the STEM push. If you qualify choose sciences and save your parents a whole year’s worth of tuition and boarding fees at Government schools. At the same time you will be setting yourself up for a brilliant career in all sorts of exciting areas.

Let us see how it goes.

Popular children’s group CHIPAWO is set to ignite at NAMA for the first time in 13 years as they perform at the giant auditorium tonight.

Excited teens from CHIPAWO expressed their anticipation during rehearsals and said, “We want to rule, dominate at the show, watch out how the 21st generation is going to change the arts sector.”

CLS wishes you the best and will be there when it happens.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and either way even if we try to avoid it, we know most of you teenagers are in relationship. We just hope you are conducting it in a way in which CLS and your parents would approve of.

Chocolates and candies are great Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, and if you want to add a little something special to the mix, split heart mugs and key chains, cute shorts with your message of love on the front, and other cute Valentines for him or her are on our hot list.

Honour your parents this Valentine’s Day by just doing the chores or prepare dinner for them. Surprise them, anyway.

Our hottest gadget this week is the UrbanEars Plattan Headphones

The colourful headphones are available in six shades — red, blue, green, purple, white, black and yellow.

They have a comfy fabric-covered band for easy wearing and a remote and microphone that’s compatible with various phones.

Price range $59,90, and if you want to buy online — check it out on

Queen B, has done it again and she deserves a round of applause as she put up a superb performance while giving a rallying cry for the “Black Lives Matter” movement at the Super Bowl last Sunday, a day after releasing the new song.

Beyonce, surprised fans on Saturday by dropping a video to Formation, which features flood-ridden New Orleans and a line of white cops facing a hooded little boy.

“Let’s get in formation . . . Prove to me you got some coordination”, she chants before the camera pans over graffiti that says: “stop shooting us”.

Within minutes of the video’s release, Twitter was awash with reactions to the fiercely political lyrics and scenes — and a cameo role from the singer’s four-year-old daughter with Jay Z, Blue Ivy.

It was still trending worldwide on Sunday as the “Super Bowl” — the most watched TV event of the year — approached.

The video opens with a warning: “parental advisory . . . explicit lyrics”.

The adorable four-year-old looked angelic in a long white dress as she danced around with two other young girls and posed for the camera.

Just because she is Queen B, I am happy how she can control the world with her music.

Some disagreed with her; a Detroit police sergeant who allegedly criticised Beyonce’s “Super Bowl” half time show by posting a reference to the Ku Klux Klan is being investigated.

Well, the power of social media.

I have also seen how many teens now have part of the lyrics or Formation name on their WhatsApp status.

Big Screen — a lot has been happening and “Deadpool” will make his big screen debut in his own superhero movie this weekend and a sequel already has been approved.

The R-rated action comedy focused on a smart-mouthed, mentally unstable Marvel Comics character stars Ryan Reynolds (34) in the title role.

The movie premièred this past week around the world and fans were treated to specials courtesy of Ryan Reynolds.

19-year-old Arkansas resident Mariah Boyle posted on her Instagram that there was no way she could have imagined getting her wisdom teeth out would lead to a whirlwind trip to New York and face-time with Ryan Reynolds, but turns out that’s exactly what happened.

“It was amazing,” Boyle told PEOPLE a day after returning home from her very first visit to the Big Apple.

“I wasn’t expecting anything like that. It was completely overwhelming. Kind of awesome.”

Boyle’s pinch-me moment improbably began after her mom captured video of her deliriously talking about “Deadpool” while still woozy from painkillers she was given while she had her wisdom teeth removed. Boyle, a “Deadpool” mega-fan, lamented that she had missed the movie, although in reality it hadn’t even premièred yet.

Facetime is the way to go and next week will dwell much on it.

Keep swaggering.

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