Thabiso’s nude pics go viral

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Thabiso’s nude pics go viral Thabiso Phiri

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Thabiso Phiri

Thabiso Phiri

Jonathan Mbiriyamveka Entertainment Reporter
Nude pictures of top model Thabiso Phiri have gone viral on social media days after the former Miss Zimbabwe stepped down. The demand is so huge that early this week, The Herald Entertainment was inundated with calls from mostly male fans who wanted to have a glimpse of the beauty in the nude.

“Yes, do you have pictures of Thabiso?
“I need to see those pictures so how can I get hold of them,” one caller asked.
“Is she the one that we have seen in the pictures?” another caller asked.

The 23-year-old university student apparently took the walk of shame last Friday after her nude pictures were leaked by her ex-boyfriend.
In a bid to save their faces from embarrassment, the Miss Zimbabwe Trust which organises the Miss Zimbabwe beauty pageant, announced that they were fully behind Thabiso’s decision but could not divulge her reasons.

It only turned out that Thabiso’s nude pictures taken prior to contesting in the coveted Miss Zimbabwe title had leaked.
Some of the pictures that are circulating have been pixilated to cover her private parts.

The trust was thrown into a bit of quandary after Thabiso opted out. However, they did the unthinkable when they had a “rerun” where four contestants competed for the crown.

This was despite the fact that, there were the first and second princesses – Letwin Chinomona and Tendai Hunda who were natural successors to the throne.

The Miss Zimbabwe Trust might have erred considering that the so-called “rerun” was tantamount to hand picking a queen to represent Zimbabwe at the Miss World.

The last time this happened it was in 2004 when Phoebe Monjane, the then first princess took over the crown from Linda Van Beek who had fallen pregnant midway through her reign.

Despite all this, Thabiso is trending on almost every social media with some feminists saying that her stepping down did not in any way help matters.

And whatever Thabiso called “peculiar and personal” reasons it amounted to nothing since most people had already seen the nude pictures.

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