Tembalami dedicates show to his father

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Tembalami dedicates show to his father Pastor Bonnie Deuschle (left) Tembalami and Janet Manyowa (right) on stage at Celebration Centre in Harare.

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo-Senior Arts Reporter

There are a few people like him in this world. His father died just 24 hours before he was slated to host a mega gospel event, and you know what? He temporarily shoved the funeral wake aside, hosted the grand event where he performed as if nothing had happened.

That is Tembalami for you. Strong, focused and emotionally stable.

For Tembalami last Friday afternoon seemed to be the end of the world, when his father Dickson Tagwirei passed on after a long battle with leukemia.

A few hours later on Saturday, Tembalami summoned all his guts and took to the stage. He did not disappoint. It was flawless and astounding.

The award winning gospel musician Tembalami who for almost four months had been planning for the Inspired Worship Conference and Concert, could not be distracted by his father’s death.

Everyone who thronged the giant auditorium at Celebration Centre Church could feel for him, sympathise with him but we went for the act, without showing any drawback.

Some even likened him to the Biblical David.

Despite all the soldiers, the not preparedness, struggles and threats, David took the courage to fight Goliath. Many thought Tembalami should have cancelled his show but he said, 

“Let’s celebrate life. I am dedicating this conference and concert to my father,” he said.

The event started with a conference in the morning where some local gospel musicians, fans and pastors among others, attended, discussed song writing, sound engineering, multimedia, music production, music monetisation, content creation, streaming and radio, live music production and choir dynamics among others.

Then it was time for the much awaited concert.

Talking of the stage, one would mistake it for the Nigeria Gospel Awards.

It was par excellence from good sound, lightning to coordination, kudos to the team behind.

The lineup included Everton Mlalazi, Janet Manyowa, Micheal Mahendere, Pastor Bonnie Deuschle, Takesure Zamar and of course Tembalami himself.

Mlalazi proved his mantle that besides being in the league of giants he is a force of reckon with.

He put up a scintillating performance with his band members.

Mlalazi set the tone of the show with his melodious voice. 

He left the crowd clamouring for more.

Then Janet Manyowa took the stage with her well organised band.

Janet, being Janet, continues to be exceptional.

She was in her own league.

She performed “Nyasha Nengoni”, “Ndimi” “Many Blessing” and “Tomutenda Neiko” among others.

Manyowa warmed the stage for the host Tembalami who then came on stage with his dancers and band.

Tembalami was on fire, energetic and brought the whole auditorium to standstill with his vibe.

He resonated well with the crowd who could sing-along his songs.

During his performance he showed his other side of being strong and audacious despite the funeral taking place at home.

He was later joined back on stage by Janet Manyowa as they performed “Mbiri”.

You could tell that the duet is powerful and strong. They sang like the heaven gates were opening. The vocal cords could define that both artistes know what they mean when it is business on stage.

Pastor Bonnie Deuschle brought the other dimension too as she also joined and sang with Tembalami.

By the way it was on Saturday night but with the atmosphere, one would think we were now in church as not only Pastor Bonnie was singing but also took the audience in a worship frenzy mood.

She also prayed for the nation and those in the crowd.

The tempo was getting high.

The show was now reaching its climax.

South African based Zimbabwean musician Takesure Zamar took centre stage with his hoarse voice which is much loved by many. 

He did well during his segment to an extent that fans could cry for more and demanded him back on stage.

This time around he brought Ellard Cherayi and they performed leaving the crowd in awe.

Closing the show was Minister Micheal Mahendere.

Yes, like he sang “… ndinobuda pakaoma…I am blessed”.

He made sure that those who came for the show went home blessed by his music.

He came, saw and conquered.

The show was both entertaining and emotional at the same time considering the death of the host father.

Soon after the event Tembalami, his family and friends travelled to Chivhu where they buried his father the following day on Sunday.

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