Suspected saboteurs burn Pomona dumpsite

05 Oct, 2022 - 14:10 0 Views
Suspected saboteurs burn Pomona dumpsite

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Suspected saboteurs of the national status Pomona dumspite project burnt the site on Monday with 30 percent of the area having been affected.

In a statement, Geo Pomona Waste Management private limited said investigations were underway to establish whether it was a natural fire or a product of the saboteurs of the project.

“Indications presently point towards some deliberate scheme by some third hand as the fire erupted in various but distant spots simaltenously.

“The fire erupted at 12:00 hours in the afternoon and we made all efforts to contain it. We point out that 30 percent of the dumpsite was engulfed. We are pleased to advise that at about and around 10pm in the evening of October 3, 2022, the flames were fully under control and not as raging as when the fire started,” reads the statement.

Geo Pomona Waste Management said they managed to put off the fire and have also put in place sufficient measures to safeguard the dumpsite from similar incidences going forward.

The firm said it is committed to ensuring a pollution free environment and providing sustainable and innovative solutions in waste management.

“Environmentally friendly waste management is at the heart of our organisation and defines the project we are currently carrying out.

“We assure all stakeholders of our commitment to achieving world class waste management of the Pomona dumpsite,” reads the statement.

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