ST A R FM’S STYLISH BIRTHDAY Beatrice Tonhodzayi-Ngondo
Beatrice Tonhodzayi-Ngondo

Beatrice Tonhodzayi-Ngondo

Entertainment Reporter
The emergence of Star FM on the scene three years ago did not only change the face of local broadcasting but the entire entertainment scene in the country.

Like never before, Star FM brought the audience together through innovations that are interactive and engaging.

Multiple awards plus local and regional recognition make it clear that the station set the bar high and reignited people’s interest in radio in the last 36 months.

Yesterday the station had a stylish birthday celebration as the presenters continued with their concept of taking radio to the people.

Most of the programmes were yesterday broadcast from outside the studio and the presenters were jovial throughout the day.

The breakfast show “Breakfast Club” was broadcast from Meikles Hotel while other day programmes like “The Breeze”, “TXO” and “326 Express” were done outside the studio premises along Simon Mazorodze road.

The celebrations are expected to continue at the new joint, Pablo’z, tomorrow to complement Nigerian musician Burna Boy’s show.

“It is not a game anymore. We are growing and growing fast. We are so grateful that Zimbabweans are going along with us as we grow,” said Star FM public relations manager Beatrice Tonhodzayi-Ngondo.

While Star FM came with a bang, Tonhodzayi-Ngondo admitted the road has been far from pretty. They make staying on top look easy but according to the public relations manager it is a mammoth task. However, she values the station’s joyous moments.

“Going on air for the first time at 12 pm on 25 June (three years ago) we have had many joyous moments. We pride ourselves in offering young people the opportunity to make careers out of radio which was difficult in the past. We made stars out of young undiscovered talent,” she said.

She spoke of the highlights of the journey saying they took pride in successful outside broadcasts, strategic partnerships and footprint.

The station’s programming manager Comfort Mbofana said, “turning three means we have yet another year of being a quality radio station that is growing. It shows we have lasting power and Zimbabweans are behind us.”

The station’s acting general manager Darlick Marandure said this year’s anniversary was about paying homage to the team who have worked to make Star FM what it is today

“Human capital is our biggest resource. Hence we are celebrating Star FM team. The human resource that make Star FM what it is. It is all about them this year,” he said

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