Soul Jah Love Zim’s own Vybz Kartel?

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Soul Jah Love Zim’s own Vybz Kartel?

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souljah luvZecheaus Nemadire Arts Correspondent
He is talented, fortunate enough to breakthrough within a short space of time in the cutthroat music industry, and now Soul Jah Love appears to be the heir apparent to the Zimbabwean dancehall throne.
Soul Jah Love, whose given name is Soul Musaka, has one of the biggest Zimdancehall bands comprising 20 members, although many people feel that the group was unnecessarily bloated considering that only about six members will be on stage at a time.

Be that as it may, the 23-year-old Mbare-based chanter appears to be Zimbabwe’s own version of Jamaican Gaza king, Vybz Kartel insofar as talent is concerned.

Soul Jah Love has become the centre of attraction and known for misdemeanours which are threatening to end his fledgling career.

But unbeknown to Soul Jah Love crime does not pay and if he really wants to go far with his music he needs to take it easy.

Taking a cue from some of the artistes who have been behind-bars isn’t the right thing for a musician with a promising future such as his. It’s one thing to have a role model and another to follow in their footsteps.

Soul Jah Love’s creativity can be likened to that of the embattled Kartel but he shouldn’t take it too far to an extent that wherever he goes trouble follows. Frankly speaking, Soul Jah Love had started out on a good footing and perhaps ever since he hit the spotlight he seems to have let fame get into his head.

“Music is very tricky, every stride one takes will always be commented and valued in different perspectives. It is now my turn to try and do what’s right despite all the wrongs. I do not want to pick fights or be engaged in lyrical fights with anyone.

“One think I know for sure is that I have never disrespected anyone. Conquering lion yerudzi rwechi Judah is very cool and calm kunyange ndisisabatike pamumhanzi because ‘ndini uya uya’ akasarudzwa nanyadenga,” Soul Jah Love said.

One only hopes that Soul Jah Love together with his wife Bounty Lisa will change for the better and be the best they can be in music.

Currently, Soul Jah Love’s smash hit “Ndini Uya Uya” is sitting on pole position on Star FM charts. It remains to be seen if the “Handichabatika” singer maintains pole position in view of unnecessary controversies trailing him.

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