Sky’s the limit for Sabha

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Sky’s the limit for Sabha

The Herald

WA: Can you tell me who Sabastian Magacha is?
SM: Sabastian Magacha is a Christian and was born on the 10th of May 1984 in the city of Kings, Bulawayo, and he is the second son in the family of four with three boys and a girl. I am happily married to Nomsa Ndikumwe but no child yet.

WA: Were you born a musician or it’s just something that came along the way?
SM: I was not born a musician, it’s just something that came along the way as I grew up. I was very much interested in football and I use to play soccer for CAPS United Juniors and it was only after I got injured in 2006 that I decided to become a full-time musician.

WA: How many albums have you recorded so far?
SM: I have recorded three albums so far, namely “Tinaye Faithful God”, “Tomudana”, “Baba Tinokutendai” as well as “Mapostori”, my fourth album.

WA: Why did you decide to call your new album “Mapostori”?
SM: Let me start by telling you that the name Mapostori does not literally mean those Mapostori you see under the tree. That’s not the case. I decided to name this album “Mapostori”  in reference to all those members who are  Christians since we all have the same task of spreading God’s message despite coming from different churches, hence “Mapostori”. This album brings together different people from all age groups.

WA: How do you come up with your songs?
SM: My songs do not come from dreams but I believe is just a talent within me from the Almighty. My songs are from life situations and sometimes teachings from the Bible inspire me to put pen to paper and compose a song.

WA: Who inspired you to take up music as a full-time job?
SM: Credit must go to Oliver Mtukudzi, because he is my mentor. I respect his music, Thank you granddad in shaping my career.

WA: What can you say has helped you get where you are you are today?
SM: I believe there is this spirit from God that works upon me and what I do is amazing. I am what I am today because I give room to criticism and it has helped me grow in the industry.
One must learn to appreciate criticism, as it’s not always that one has a good day in the office. Look at football players; they go off form sometimes. Like at one point the Warriors were not winning but they finally won against Burundi. That’s the cycle of life.

WA: When did you make a breakthrough in the musical industry?
SM: My breakthrough in the music industry came in two phases. My first breakthrough was during those days when I was with Mercy Mutsvene as a backing vocalist. When Mutsvene identified my talent she started giving me some slots until I gained stage confidence to an extent that I no longer experienced stage fright.
However, the real breakthrough came when I recorded my second album that received overwhelming response from the public and from there I started hosting some shows and that’s when the ball began to roll my way.

WA: What challenges did you face during the early stages of your career?
SM: It was not that easy to be were I am today and I am moving forward although I have faced a lot of challenges and I am still facing them to date. I remember the major challenge that I faced at an early stage of my career was in 2005 when I recorded my first album and it went for almost two years without being played on radio. Like any other artistes, I am also faced with the problems of piracy and lack of resources to enhance my career.

WA: From the look of things you seem not to be very active when it comes to releasing new musical projects and you have only released four albums. What is keeping you busy?
SM: You might think along those lines but let me tell you whether you believe it or not, I have 30 songs already recorded and it’s just a matter of time before I release them as I give them as much attention as they require. What happens with Sabha is that, I dedicate some time when composing my songs so I know that my music has got a long lifespan and that is why I don’t record frequently.

WA: Any embarrassing moments during your career?
SM: My most embarrassing moment was when I lost my voice when I had a big show. I lost confidence while everyone wanted to see who Sabastian Magacha was. However, I composed myself and went on stage and the comments I received showed that my fans had not noticed anything.

WA: How do you compare local gospel music with other countries like South Africa and Nigeria?
SM: In Zimbabwe we have talent but resources are the major hindrance that affects our performances and rating. We can match many African countries if resources are made available by relevant stakeholders like record labels and promoters. They should come aboard in their numbers and give us full support.

WA: What is your view about claims that gospel artistes are now concerned about making money instead of preaching the word?
SM: I don’t think that is true, my brother. Although I need money, I sing to praise my Lord and to spread the word.
However, I will need money to cater for my band members who will be at work and at the end of the day they need something to take home, so we need money to survive.

As an artiste I preach the word through singing and I want the message to reach its destination, so if there is no money how will the music reach the people? You can’t rule out the importance of money in oiling the process and spreading the word of God.

WA: What are your future plans?
SM: I am planning a series of tours regionally and internationally because I want to take my music to the people.
In addition to that, if things go according to our plans, we want to have a live DVD concert were we will bring different artistes from different countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Namibia. I want to take my gospel music as a business to show how our great is our God.

Because Tuku mentored me, I also want to mentor others. The music will remain Sabha but people in Sabha will change.

WA: What advice would you give to young upcoming artistes?
SM: To the upcoming artistes I just want to let them know that the industry is not that easy but with passion and determination one can go a long way in life since the sky is the limit. Don’t be intimidated by any anyone, just follow your dreams.

WA: Thank you for the time, Magacha.
SM: You are welcome my brother.

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