Sibling affair: Elzoe and  Seth rock social media Elzoe and Seth

Mpundu Valerie

Youth Interactive Writer

With technology evolving a lot of people have resorted to social media as a channel of communication.

Young siblings Elzoe and Seth Blessings-Mpatsi have set the trends and raised the bar for kids their age. 

Elzoe (5) and Seth (10) have proven age is just but a number as they juggle social media and school. 

In an interview with Youth Interactive, the siblings shared their journey in content creation so far.

“Much of our content is from TikTok, we are passionate about church and, having been raised in such an environment our content comes from there,” said Seth.

Due to restrictions from TikTok, the duo has been suspended and now resorted to Facebook.

In a world where a lot of children are exploited and taken advantage of the siblings are under the strict monitoring of their parents who happen to be their manager. 

“We just share ideas with my sister and cousin but above everything else, we are guided and assisted by our parents.” 

It is also said that a lot can go wrong on social media and keyboard warriors are not afraid to go to war and attack anybody online regardless of their age but with the siblings it has been quite different.

“So far we have received an overwhelming response from our fans and it is what motivates my sister and I.”

“Prophet T Freddy appreciated our content also since most of it is derived from his prophecies. The response has been amazing,” said Seth.” 

Like any other child, the siblings have their role models that they emulate also to polish their content. 

“Diana and Nastya (YouTube character), Emmanuella from Mark Angelo, and other funny Zimbabwe TikTok stars are my role models,” Elzoe said.

Seth being modest displayed his cards and said, “Prophet T Freddy, Evangelist Muparinga and, other prophets locally and internationally since we dramatise them.”

Born to express and not impress is the profile on their Facebook page as the siblings thrive to navigate the social media pools. 

“Social media has offered us an opportunity to exhibit and discover our talent. In terms of criticism, we focus more on what makes us best.”

“We are still trying to understand social media and age restrictions had us suspended from TikTok.”

“We need to improve and work on the quality of our videos but in all, we appreciate,” he said.

 The siblings have defied the odds despite circumstances as they continue with their content on Facebook. 

They have established a robust fan base regardless of their age. 

With the support of their parents who have allowed them to explore their talents. Elzoe and Seth have proven apart from the academic sector children can also explore their hidden talents and skills.

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