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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of accelerated transmission of Covid-19, as countries ease lockdown ...

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Seeking relief from stress

27 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Senior Lifestyle Writer

Winter is usually seen as the time for people to pamper themselves, but as the nation is in lockdown, there are questions on how citizens are relaxing their minds and easing body tensions.

Some people have taken advantage of the lockdown to bond with families, while some have even created home gyms.

While it has been difficult to go to hotels, barbershops, restaurants, health and beauty spas because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been proven that they are essential in such times to allow people time to relax.

International popular Spa Magazine writer, Julie Sinclair, said health spas are needed and are important in peoples’ lives.

“Immersing yourself in a healthy lifestyle was something that began with destination spas, but now spas, resort and hotel spas are all branching out to offer wellness-based services, such as stress relief, life coaching, nutrition and fitness counselling,” she said.

The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle took a tour around Harare checking on popular elite health spas and how they have been operating during the lockdown. Some are now open with limited clients called in for appointments, while some workers from health and beauty spas are still working from home, being called only when there are services needed.

In an interview, award-winning Amara’s Health Spa chief executive Lauren Adams said they have opened with some restrictions and clients should follow all the laid down procedures.

She said health spas services are needed in such times.

“For those back to work, imagine a long stressful work week and one needs to be calm, relax and feel good,” said Adams.

“We are operating under supervision and always,showing how serious we are.

“You just need to enjoy the treatment and because of the current situation we have put reasonable prices too. There are immediate health benefits of going to a spa. Sometimes we forget that our body needs some pampering and we often take that for granted.”

Adams said she knows her clients and that is the reason why she has not been advertising.

“A lot has been happening in our industry,” she said. “I usually do not advertise our work because of our elite customer. From spas, we can learn etiquette and grooming. The main reason of doing so is a healing experience.”

Adams said they have created an ambience outside their spa in the garden where clients can enjoy the treatment.

“We now have outdoor manicure and pedicure treatments which a client can enjoy while busy on their laptop or magazine,” she said. “We are still maintaining the social distancing policy and as you can see we have glass tables with divisions.”

Adams said they have also gone digital, which has helped to speed the process of booking clients and to inform on new services and products.

A visit at The Spa situated at Sam Levy Village, Borrowdale, showed that they are attending to booked clients only. They have also cut some of their services in order to adhere to precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Happy client and frequent spa goer, Juliana Manyama, said more spas should be opened now because a lot has been happening to many people and they need to distress.

“Lifestyles have been disturbed by this Covid-19 pandemic,” she said. “I have noticed that health spas offer a very unique experience. We have been doing online sessions, being taught what to do, but it became tricky because some of the stuff we can no longer do it on our own.”

Manyama said health spas educate the women during relaxation.

“Many of the health spa resorts offer guests a number of health and fitness programmes,” she said.

“Another feature of most health spas is nutrition. Many offer classes on improving nutrition and offer personalised plans and tips.

“These are extremely valuable and important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle year-round. We do not only relax and reduce stress, but we learn meaningful information about our bodies and to treat them every day of the year. The typical day spa experience provides relaxation.”

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