Second Republic stands with the Church President Mnangagwa arrives at Zimbabwe Grounds for the MaZion neVapostori for ED National Convention program today. - Picture: Tateguru TV

Herald Reporter

FREEDOM of worship is guaranteed under Zanu PF rule, the only party that is determined to ensure peace, love and unity abounds in Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa said.

Addressing thousands of apostolic and Zion Church members in Harare today, the President said Zimbabweans, the church in particular, should vote for a party that stands for the rights of indigenous people.

“Under the Second Republic and in the constitution you are guaranteed to freedom of worship. As Zanu PF we can assure you that you will be guaranteed of freedom of worship. Worship brings forth peace in the country,” the President said.

The event was attended by several Government officials and displayed the close relationship between the Church and the ruling party Zanu PF.

In his speech, the President reiterated his clarion call for peace and unity, saying Zanu PF under his leadership is committed to working with all churches to help promote the ideals.

He also urged the congregates to go in their numbers and vote for Zanu PF in the harmonised elections slated for August 23.

“The liberation struggle protected our inheritance and birth right. That was the reason we went to war. However, we are now protecting it through voting. That is why we are encouraging everyone to go and vote,” President Mnangagwa said.

“As Zanu PF we are committed to work with all the churches. The purpose of the church is to preach peace and we as Zanu PF we love peace. In the coming elections we call upon the nation to be peaceful during campaigns and elections.”

President Mnangagwa added that the relationship between the state and the church will remain in order to maintain the peace and unity in the country.

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