Schools for children with special needs receive donations Some of the students receiving part of the donations from Eaglesvale High School.

Herald Reporter

Two Masvingo schools run by the Reformed Church of Zimbabwe which cater for children with special needs have Friday received learning materials, blankets and foodstuff from Eaglesvale High School.

The two institutions, Henry Murray School for the Deaf and Copota School for the Blind cater for over 500 pupils.

Eaglesvale High School board chairman said the donation was part of the RCZ-owned institution to assist the Government’s inclusivity policy.

“The donations are part of our contribution to the Government’s policy of promoting inclusivity and ensuring that no one and no place is left behind. The children deserve to get equal opportunities like their able-bodied counterparts so that they also contribute positively to the development of the country,” Mr Makamure said.

RCZ Moderator Reverend Isaac Pandasvika echoed similar sentiments saying the donations were meant to improve the quality of life and education for the children.

“We want to ensure that their learning environment is as comfortable as possible so that they concentrate on their studies,” he said.

Henry Murray’s headmaster, Mr Stanley Feya expressed his gratitude for the donation.

“We are grateful for this generous gesture by Eaglesvale to remember their disadvantaged counterparts to ensure that they also get a decent education and contribute to the development of society and the country,” Mr Feya said.

Acting headmistress of Copota School, Mrs Prisca Mutazu said the support would go a long way to ensure the institution delivers quality education to the pupils.

“This assistance will go a long way in ensuring that the institutions deliver on their mandate to provide quality education and the needs of our pupils,” she said.

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