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Save a life, give blood


Cool Lifestyle Writer

Pledge 25 Club Zimbabwe, a club made up of High School and recent school leavers has set aside a fun filled day for its male donors, which they have dubbed “Men splash” today at National Blood Services Zimbabwe offices across the country.This fun filled day is running under the theme “Donate blood save a life and leave a legacy”

Pledge 25 Club is a special club for young and healthy citizens who pledge to regularly donate safe units of blood at least 25 times in their lives.

The primary aim being to allow for smooth transition from school donors to safe adult donors thereby effortlessly creating a future pool of informed adult blood donors.

The NBSZ encourages scholars to continue donating blood after leaving school as they account for over 70 percent of the annual blood collections.

The club has an elected committee to run the affairs of this unique group.

You have a lot to gain by joining this club and pledging to be regular blood donors. The Pledge 25 has a lot of exciting activities for the club members apart from just donating blood regularly.

Through Club 25, members are encouraged to attend blood centres, learn about healthy lifestyles, and give blood regularly.

Members can make new friends around the world, promote lifesaving and life changing practices, and most of all – have fun while saving lives.

Every time you donate blood, you are saving lives. Blood cannot be manufactured, and there is no substitute for it. It is in constant demand for accident victims, haemophiliacs, surgeries, infants, patients battling cancer and more.

In addition, blood supplies need to be replenished constantly, as blood products have a short shelf life.

With blood shortages occurring worldwide, it is important to create a network of young blood donors who commit to donating regularly.

Take the pledge, and commit to saving lives.

Club 25 International is a youth-oriented global social club committed to saving lives by regularly donating blood.

Club 25 is Africa’s gift to the world. The concept which originated as “Pledge 25” evolved into a full membership club in Botswana where it became Club 25, promoting the value of saving lives by giving blood through active participation and healthy lifestyle choices. The name

The Club 25 name was taken from the donors’ pledge to give 25 blood donations. The club became a huge success, and the idea caught on worldwide reaching over 65 countries and hundreds of thousands of members,” said a young donor working with NBSZ, Anyway Muraicho.

Men Splash will be hosted in Harare, Mutare and Bulawayo today. Gweru guys will have their fun next weekend on March 12. See you there.

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