Satan’s Partygoers? . . . Insight into the girls, (and boys) of the Ginimbi mansion

Satan’s Partygoers? . . . Insight into the girls, (and boys) of the Ginimbi mansion

Saturday Lifestyle Reporter—
Let’s get this out of the way; Genius Kadunguru aka Ginimbi does not, like the late Hugh Hefner, have a particular mansion where his hedonistic partygoers convene for his infamous birthday parties. But it is as good, or bad, as that. Those who have characters dark enough and manage to get an invitation will probably attest to the fact that wherever Genius wants to have a bit of fun, he will transform it to the partying capital of the world if only for a weekend.

And that is a fact whether it be a luxury yacht off the Indian Ocean or a tiny rural enclave in the quietest village in Siberia. But after his latest jaunt was peeked into last week via a clip on social media, the parties have come under the spotlight again and yet again, the king of partying is in the limelight for the all-white parties that he hosts.

And perhaps the keen eye will finally get an answer as to why the sybaritic party-host par-excellence wants his people to come all dressed in white apparel. For a start, because everything else that goes on in the parties is so dark, there is a need for at least something that bears a semblance of cleanliness.

But after the video leaked, another answer could come to the fore. Perhaps it is to make sure everybody there looks like those cute laboratory type rabbits all fluffy and white?

Well, judging from the power lurching in a suggestive sexual manner that Genius was engaged in with a poor chubby chap, then what better animal to look like than the humping animal of repute – the bunny? He was humping like a rabbit-literally!

And the outrage caused by the video made for interesting reading as many people wondered why Genius would want to sexually “dry hump” another man who was looking a bit perturbed by the experience.

It was when he turned him round, bent him over and started rear humping him, that the poor chubby chap eventually got help from one of the revellers who pulled him out of the host’s grip to safe waters where he must definitely have gone on to seek the services of a psychologist for the traumatic dry hump rape. Very much like a distressed whale that washes on dry shores he looked like!

Many suggested Genius may have “gender-bender” moments. With the footage, the debauchery of Geniuses parties was brought to the fore and it left many with mixed feelings. Arguably, with his money, Genius is free to have as lavish and hedonistic a party as he feels especially when everybody goes there voluntarily.

One could equate him to the Great Gatsby, No?

Yet others, moralistic as always, argue he is not setting a good example. And this elicits the other epicurean antics also in South Africa a few years back by another socialite Kenny Kunene with his sushi on naked bodies, or Nyataimori, escapades with Julius Malema which caused a stir.

But then again while he wears white, to his defence Genius never said he was aspiring to be the first black Pope of Rome.

What is probably true all round is that after seeing that footage, the party fetish is bound to have grown in many people and come next year’s all-white party, a few new people will be queuing to Genius Kadungure with hope that they also get a ticket to the party and live a little.

They may seem like Satan’s party-goers, but Genius seems to bring the best out of them once he gets his way with them.

And will Genius himself explain to people why he mounted the big boy? Well for all our efforts at trying to reach out to him, he chose to not explain himself. Not answering his phone. Not answering to text messages.

But then again perhaps a party lover has no business explaining who he humps.

What happens at the Ginimbi mansion stays at the Ginimbi mansion.

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