Rwanda salutes heroes

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Rwanda salutes heroes Rwanda’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe James Musoni

The Herald

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Rwanda salutes its heroes who sacrificed their lives to defeat the genocidal forces that ravaged the country 25 years ago.

This was said by Rwandese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr James Musoni during a luncheon to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rwanda’s National Liberation Day yesterday.

He said the massacres of mainly Tutsis by Hutu militia between April 7 and July 4 in 1994 had left more than a million people dead and the country’s survival in doubt.

“The country was traumatised and shocked by the scale of violence. Over three million Rwandans fled the country. Rwanda’s economy shrunk by 50 percent and GDP per capita fell to US$146, while inflation was at 68 percent, with poverty rates hovering at 78 percent. The infrastructure was completely ravaged.”

Guest of honour at the ceremony and director for Africa, Asia and the Pacific in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Alice Mageza said Zimbabwe stood in solidarity with the people of Rwanda as they remembered the victims of those killed during the tragedy.

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